Peloton Row Software Updates are Released

New firmware and software updates have been made available for the Peloton Row by Peloton. These upgrades include both new functionality and bug fixes. It should be noted that the update seems to be released in stages.

  1. First, it seems like Peloton has resolved an issue with the pace monitoring that was present in rowing lessons. Since the first day that Peloton Row was made available for purchase, a number of customers have mentioned a particular problem. After having rowed for around 45 minutes, they would all of a sudden slow down by one minute, sometimes even more.  On the other hand, people have reported in recent days seeing a fresh firmware update spring up on their respective smartphones. It would seem that the problem has been fixed now that the update has been applied.
  2. As a result of the change, the red highlights that previously appeared while using the form feedback function in conjunction with drills have been removed. In the past, the form input would become gray during exercises and would be ignored for calculating the total score. Because of a software upgrade, the form feedback still appears grayed out and does not contribute to the total score; however, it does not highlight the display in red anymore. This has the effect of eliminating what some people feel to be a rather substantial distraction while they are working through the exercises.
  3. Peloton has released yet another update, which adds more row information when viewing finished courses using the mobile app or an internet browser. Members may now see both their overall score for form feedback as well as a more specific breakdown of that score. It was previously available on the Row equipment.
  4. Additionally, Peloton has just recently included brand-new statistics in the Guide.
Peloton Row Software Updates are Released

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