Installation Guide for Peloton Screen Mount

Peloton bikes are a well-liked at-home workout option that provides a practical method to participate in live and on-demand fitness courses. The Peloton original screen mount doesn’t, however, provide many consumers the freedom and personalization they want.

You must first grab a few supplies. A drill, a screwdriver, and several screws are required. After you’ve acquired your materials, it’s time to begin the installation.

How do you unplug and plug your Peloton touchscreen back in?

  • You need to detach the monitor wire from the touchscreen and take off the screen’s back panel to disconnect the touchscreen.
  • Then, take out the screws on the touchscreen’s back using a Phillips-head screwdriver. To prevent it from falling during this procedure, make sure the screen is being held.
  • To repair the screen, align your touchscreen with the monitor mount, and then, before restoring the square panel, reattach the supplied screws with the same screwdriver.
  • You are now ready to start. Plug in your monitor cords.

How can I tell whether my Peloton fits to mount?

Take a measurement of the tube in the head of the. The mounting kit includes a band that can be adjusted to accommodate head tubes with different diameters from 1.125 to 1.5 inches. In the event that the band has to be tightened, all you need is a scissors set if the size of your headtube goes beyond this range.

What Are the Peloton Screen Mount Installation Instructions?

You may mount the Peloton screen on a wall or other vertical surface. A level, screws, and anchors are all included in the set. Fortunately, many third-party mounts let you set up your Peloton screen anywhere you choose.

1.      Gather the Tools

You must acquire the essential supplies before starting the installation procedure. You’ll also need your new Peloton screen mount, a screwdriver, a stud finder, and a level. Verify again that your mount is appropriate for the Peloton bike type you own.

2.      Locate the Stud

Finding the wall stud where you wish to attach your screen is the first step in installing your Peloton screen mount. Find the stud using a stud finder, then mark it with a pencil. By doing this, you can be confident that your mount is firmly fastened to the wall.

3.      Attach the Bracket

Then, use the screws and a screwdriver to secure the bracket to the wall. Make sure the bracket is placed over the stud by using the markings you created in step 2 to guide you. Make sure the bracket is straight by using a level.

4.      Attach the Arm

It’s time to connect the arm of the mount once the bracket has been firmly fastened to the wall. Using the supplied screws and a screwdriver, align the arm with the bracket and fasten it.

5.      Attach the Screen

It’s now time to install your Peloton screen on the device. Use the included screws and a screwdriver to carefully align the screen with the mount before fastening it. To make sure that the screen is securely fastened and secured, be sure to adhere to the directions.

Ensure Your Peloton Screen Mount Fits With These Tips

To prevent any damage or mishaps, it’s crucial to make sure the Peloton screen mount fits correctly during installation. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind:

  • Verify Compatibility: Before making a purchase, make sure the mount is appropriate for your specific Peloton bike model.
  • Double-check Your Measurements: To make sure the mount will fit your bike correctly, carefully measure both the mount and your bike.
  • Use a stud finder: Securing your mount to a wall stud will make sure it is fastened firmly.
  • Get a Level: By placing your mount using a level, you can verify that your screen is straight and won’t be off-center.

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