Peloton Spammer Wave and Official Statement

In the last day and a half, Peloton has been attacked by a tidal wave of spam accounts that have been established. Overnight, many individuals have reported receiving new follower notifications that seem to be dubious. The recently established accounts that are showing up as follow requests are not being followed by anybody, yet they are following hundreds or thousands of other users. In addition, the bio includes a link to a website, and the profile photo shows some skin that has been exposed.

The names consist of a combination of a first name and several alphanumeric characters, such as Sarah38737483.

It would seem that the Peloton support team has been aware of the situation, as they informed users who contacted them that they were already looking into the matter.

Peloton has issued the following comment regarding the incident, and they have also emailed subscribers the same declaration with the subject “Unauthorized Account Creations.” Additionally, a formal incident has been created for this matter. 

Peloton is now taking aggressive action against accounts that are being purposely established with improper material, including graphic images in their profile photo. These accounts will be removed from the platform immediately. The rules of service and our community guidelines have been flagrantly disregarded with these obscene photographs.

We are making concerted efforts to deactivate these accounts, and we will also continue to filter any inappropriate photos that are attached to user profiles.

Peloton Spammer Wave and Official Statement

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