Peloton Tread Will Be Available in Australia Soon

According to recent reports, Peloton is working on getting ready to introduce the Tread in the Australian market. Peloton made its debut on the market for the first time in Australia on July 14th, 2021. After the debut, the only Peloton bikes that could be purchased in the nation were the Peloton Bike and the Bike+.

Peloton said in November of 2021 that they intended to deliver the Peloton Tread to Australia in the following months, however, they did not provide a specific release date at that time.

After making those claims more than a year ago, it would seem that Peloton is planning to introduce the Peloton Tread to Australia very shortly.

At this time, it is only being offered for sale in the United States; however, CEO Barry McCarthy has said that the firm is working on making it accessible in the United Kingdom as well.

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