Peloton’s New Holiday Season Flash Challenge is Out

As a way to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season, Peloton has developed a brand new flash challenge.

The challenge was introduced with the following statement:

Give yourself the ultimate present this holiday season: the joy of squeezing in one more challenge before the end of the year! If you take 4, 6, or 8 lessons from the Holiday Collection throughout December, you will be eligible to obtain one of three unique badges: bronze, silver, or gold.

What are the steps to take part in the challenge?

You may join up for the challenge and choose to participate using the website, the touchscreen on your bike or treadmill, or the app on your mobile device.

The competition starts on December 1 and continues throughout the full month of December, ending on December 31.


These are some of the badges you may earn:

There are three distinct badges that participants can earn: a bronze badge is awarded to members who complete four holiday classes; a silver badge is awarded to participants who complete six holiday classes, and a gold badge is for those who completed eight holiday classes.

Every year during the Christmas season, Peloton hosts a variety of unique holiday classes, and there are many holiday courses already scheduled to take place throughout the forthcoming week. In addition, those who complete the holiday sessions in 2022 will be eligible for a unique badge.

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