Peloton’s New Yoga Challenges: Badges for Foundation, Focus, Power, Recovery and Unity

Peloton has revealed that it will be launching Peloton Global, which will include the hiring of three fresh new instructors. In conjunction with the rebranding of Yoga, the yoga sessions were renamed and rebranded to correspond to one of five distinct tenets: Foundation, Focus, Power, Recovery, and Unity.

Peloton has introduced five distinct challenges, each with its own unique badge, in order to assist with the promotion of this. You have the option to earn new badges once a week for the following five weeks if you take two courses in each new kind of yoga and submit your attendance records.

Peloton’s New Yoga Challenges

If you want to earn the badges, you will need to opt into the challenge using your Peloton app, Peloton bike or tread, or the Peloton website. This is standard procedure for most Peloton challenges.

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