New Peloton Power Zone Training Program Launching Soon Called “Build Your Power Zones”

Update – This program has now been officially released. Complete information regarding the newly launched Peloton Power Zone program can be found here.

We were fortunate enough to have a preview of an upcoming training program during a temporary on-demand power zone class this week. The program, tentatively titled “Build Your Power Zones,” seems to be on the verge of launching soon. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, the existing beginner program called “Discover Your Power Zone Program,” which has recently been updated with fresh classes. A 60-minute Olivia Amato Power Zone Endurance (PZE) ride was temporarily introduced to the on-demand library, specifically listed as taking place on 4/23/21 at 9:00 am ET. However, it was only added this week and was not accessible during the weekend.

New Peloton Power Zone Training Program
The class preview of the new Olivia 60 min PZE class.

During the class, Olivia provides insights about the workout she is leading, stating that it is the “6th session within the Build Your Power Zones Program” and marks the completion of Week 2. Based on this information, it can be deduced that the initial phase of the Peloton Build Your Power Zones program will consist of three rides per week. As it is the second week and Olivia is instructing an intermediate 60-minute PZE class, it suggests that this program is designed for individuals who have already completed the beginner-friendly “Discover Your Power Zones” training plan.

Olivia emphasizes that the primary objective of the program is to enhance participants’ FTP (Functional Threshold Power). You can learn more about the Peloton FTP test here.

Although the complete duration of the program is not yet disclosed (whether it will span 6 or 8 weeks), Olivia reveals that Week 3 of the Peloton power zone training program will commence with a power zone class incorporating Z4 and Z5. Additionally, the extended ride for Week 3 in the Build Your Power Zones program is disclosed to be “a lengthy PZE ride similar to the current one.”

From this single class, it remains unclear which power zone instructors will be involved. However, one can anticipate that the program will include classes led by Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, and Christine D’Ercole, Olivia Amato alongside the recent addition of Ben Alldis to the power zone team, who may contribute a class or two to the program.

An intriguing aspect of this class is the inclusion of a detailed description of the zone structure, specifying a “13-minute warmup followed by six Z3 intervals (4/6/8/8/6/4) with 2-minute Z2 recoveries in between.” Such comprehensive class descriptions for power zone workouts would be a novel and appreciated addition.

On another note, for those enthusiastic about power zone training, it is recommended to explore Home Fitness Buddy’s Power Zone Timer & Library. This valuable resource enables users to preview the structure and graph of power zone rides before taking them. It also includes a timer for each class, allowing riders to receive notifications when zone changes are scheduled—a perfect tool for those who prefer riding to their own music.

In addition to the aforementioned training program, there has been another discovery this week thanks to a temporary class availability. Rumor has it that Peloton is preparing to launch their rendition of a Couch To 5K Program for the Peloton Tread, titled “You Can Run.” This forthcoming program will guide runners in gradually building their endurance until they can run continuously for 30 minutes.


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