“Strong Core Strong Body” Peloton Program With Scholz Irene: Classes Schedule

Strong Core Strong Body with Irene Scholz” is a fantastic 4-week program conducted in German. It’s specifically crafted to enhance your core muscles. If you’re interested in an English program, you can explore “Crush Your Core” with Emma Lovewell.

Program Overview

Program Description

Peloton’s description for “Strong Core Strong Body” goes like this: “Unleash your core’s mighty potential! Over four weeks, this bodyweight program elevates your stability, flexibility, strength, and endurance, targeting those muscle groups that boost your performance in any Peloton session.”

Program Badges

No Peloton program is complete without those shiny badges. You’ll snag a Bronze badge after conquering 11 classes, a Silver one for acing 15, and the prestigious Gold badge for mastering 19 out of the 22 classes available.


The Strong Core Strong Body program is guided by a single coach, the one and only Irène Scholz.

How to Join

As of now, you can hop into these programs via Peloton Bikes, Tread, or the Peloton Digital app. Just remember, you won’t find them on Peloton’s website. To get started, head to the programs section, locate the Strong Core Strong Body program, and hit that join button.


Below, you’ll find the list of classes for each week in the program. Keep in mind that Peloton’s revamped programs keep these classes “locked” until you advance through the program. But don’t worry, you can click on any class name in the list below to locate it. Once you do, feel free to bookmark it or add it to your stack and take it whenever you’re ready.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

During Week 1, Irène will be your guide, helping you grasp the essentials. You’ll dive into proper form and the art of breathing. It’s the foundation for the program, so gear up for some solid groundwork! While you can mix in other Peloton classes with these workouts, be cautious about potential injuries. To get the most out of it, remember to stretch after each class and make room for two well-deserved rest days.

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

In this week’s adventure, we’re tossing in some fresh moves, stretching those plank holds a bit further, and building on what we started last week. Remember, sticking with it is the secret sauce! And hey, don’t skip the post-workout stretches. Your body will thank you. Be sure to pencil in two rest days to recharge for the upcoming Week 3.

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to the third week of our journey! You’re doing awesome! In this week, we’ll be extending our core workouts and increasing the duration of your plank exercises. By the end of the week, we’ll introduce some exciting new movements to build upon what you’ve already mastered. Make sure to take a well-deserved rest day, and don’t forget to stretch as much as possible throughout the week.

4th Week Class List & Schedule

Hooray, Week 4 has arrived! By now, you can probably see your improvement and feel even stronger than when you began. This week is going to push your limits with longer workouts and trickier exercises. Always remember, it’s all about progress, not aiming for perfection. Keep going strong, and congratulations on making it this far!

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