Who is Guilherme Costa

There are so many talented swimmers around the world; one of them is Guilherme Costa. He was born under the full name of Guilherme Pereira da Costa, the bronze medalist for the 2022 World Championships. He was born on the first day of October 1996. Nothing much is known about his early days. However, growing into a promising young adult, Costa shows the world that skills and determination will always result in great victory.

This Brazillian man has received medals in different Championships, including the recent ones. Costa is also known for his success in obtaining the gold medal for a 1500-meter freestyle during the 2019 Pan American Games, and he’s the record holder for the South American in 400, 800, and also 1,500-meter freestyle swim.

Who is Guilherme Costa

Championships Career


During the Pan Pacific Championships that was held back in 2018, he finished 4th with the time record of 7:51.67 for the 800-meter freestyle and 15:03.40 for the 1,500-meter freestyle. He was participating in Brazil.


A year later, Costa, unfortunately, got very bad positions. He finished 21st in the 800-meter freestyle and 25th in the 1,500-meter freestyle events.


Although his effort didn’t show during the last championship, the Pan American Games became his returning point. In this event, he finally got his very first international medal for the 1,500-meter freestyle, with the time recorded at 15:09.93.

Who is Guilherme Costa swimmer

2019 US OPEN

Within the same year, Costa snatched another record. During the event, he successfully marked the new South American for three different events: 400-meter freestyle, 800-meter freestyle, and the mile freestyle.


During the World Championships event that was held in Budapest in 2022, Costa gained his first Championships medal by winning the bronze in the 400-meter freestyle final. And at the same time, he broke his own time record.

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