New Features Launched on Peloton Guide Statistics

Peloton has updated its mobile application as well as the online browser to provide fresh and thorough exercise statistics. This is relevant to the Peloton Guide. You can examine these data by visiting the class in the exercise history section of your profile. In addition, you can view the statistics for other users.

The proportion of “targets hit” that you have reflects how well you have been able to keep up with the activity tracker for the session. Subscribers may also receive a badge level such as gold, silver, or bronze based on how good the percentage that they have achieved is. The tool known as the mobility tracker awards members with points for staying on track with the class plan. It merely checks to see if you are performing the activity that the teacher called out; it does not count reps or verify the form.

New Features Launched on Peloton Guide Statistic

In addition to this, participants will now be able to view the total number of repetitions that have been accomplished over the entirety of the session.

Utilizing the capability of the virtual weight rack, the new part of statistics also displays the total amount of weight that was lifted by the student by the end of the class.

Members can personalize their digital weight racks by entering the weights they use for their light, middle, and heavy weights. Peloton then uses this data to calculate the overall amount of weight that was lifted during that particular class. There is a notice in the new statistics section indicating that repeating the course will result in comparison statistics being compiled.

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