Who is Isaac Cooper

The name Isaac Cooper is probably one of the most controversial ones. Unfortunately, nothing much is known about him except the whole banning situation that happened recently.

Cooper was born on January 7th, 2004, and he’s a young Australian swimmer. In the event of the 2020 Summer Olympics, he participated in the 100-meter backstroke and 4 x 100 mixed medley, where he got his bronze medal.

Isaac Cooper swimmers

In the 2022 Commonwealth Games, he was initially favored to win the gold for the 50-meter and 100-meter backstroke but was later banished from the competition due to disciplinary reasons. And thus, Murphy took the position as the champion.

The Banning

It was very heartbreaking news for everyone, especially on the Australian team, that Isaac Copper was removed from the competition. Although he said that he didn’t take banned substances, he was still banished because, as Swimming Australia said, there were some well-being challenges, including medication usage.

Who is Isaac Cooper swimmer

Later on, Cooper stated that the problem was his mental health and well-being, not the banned substances. He said that the decision was made after they looked into his mental state and behavior at that time. The decision was made in his best interest, as he said.

The medication he used to treat his mental state hasn’t been revealed yet. Of course, during this state, he said that he was missing the moments when he fought with his best pals during the competitions. He said the team means everything to him.

Isaac Cooper swimming

During his time-of, he spent most of it to self-reflect to deal with the current situations. Enclosing his statement, he said that he wanted to continue professionally and confidently working with Swimming Australia.

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