Best Virtual Race for Your 2023 Resolution

Many online running groups provide the exciting extra of a digital race. Run anywhere you want to push yourself and have a good time.

We tried hard to get you into the top 5 of our best virtual running clubs, but there are probably hundreds more like it throughout the country. Pick one, or make up your own, but keep at it for the sake of pleasure.


Digme is an online running community. Previously only available in prerecorded form, Digme Studios has now released live audio-coached runs. You are welcome to join their squad for a weekly 45-minute run on Saturdays at 9 a.m. This workout is designed for runners of all skill levels and can be done on a treadmill or in the great outdoors.

You can join in with only a smartphone, a 4G connection, and wireless headphones or earbuds. Ben Davie, Digme’s lead HIIT and running coach, will lead you through a live workout.

There are tons of motivating songs to jog to and discussions on how to gauge your level of effort, or RPE. Advertised as a podcast with a slick soundtrack, this running group promises to make your workouts seem like a breeze. The price is FREE.

Track East

For those interested in running, Track East is a free online running club with a strong social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram. The running coaches at Track East provide a wealth of information on pre-and post-workout routines, including stretches, dynamic warm-ups, and cool-downs. You may watch and participate in live-streamed virtual races on their social media accounts.

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Track East is designed for runners who already have the basics down but want to improve their pre-and post-workout routines by engaging with a supportive online running community. You can watch it whenever you want; everything is recorded in real time, so you can watch it whenever you want on Instagram and Facebook.

One Track

One Track’s comprehensive training plan includes both daily audio runs and live video workouts for runners. Sessions are tailored to your effort, not your speed, so you may practice at your own pace.

A live audio session is available, and you may join runners from all over the world by dialing in. A digital fitness instructor will lead you through the workout. The scientific background of your running workout will be discussed by coach Anthony Fletcher.

Those who run and want to be held accountable will love One Track. There are set beginning and ending times for each training session, so please plan accordingly.

Each week begins with a Monday and Thursday interval run, followed by a Tuesday and Saturday easy run, a Wednesday fartlek, a Friday threshold session, and a Sunday long run. Runners may sign up for sessions a la carte, paying what they can or running for free. In addition, monthly subscriptions are also offered.

Virtual Running Club

You may maintain your interest in running with the help of the Virtual Running Club, which hosts a variety of virtual races and running challenges. It has a vast and growing network of supporters, with over 80,000 members and counting. The friendships you develop while running may be a great source of inspiration and motivation for your future races.

Members of the online community communicate with one another in a closed Facebook group. Many races have their own unique themes and an accompanying set of virtual trophies and medals. Members rely on the honor system to record race times, distances, and prizes. Getting involved in the online community is free, but the cost of entering individual races varies.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Online Running Club

Music to keep you motivated throughout your runs is just one of the many features available on Rock ‘n’ Roll Online Running Club. There is a welcoming online community for people to get help and encouragement. The cost to enter three races is $199, and the cost to enter an unlimited number of events anywhere in the nation is $899.

They even provide luxury accommodations and transportation to and from the track for those who qualify as VIPs. This online running group is awesome.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know what a virtual running club is and how it works, you can decide whether you want to join one. Runners with hectic schedules will appreciate the convenience of virtual running groups.

Many of these events have a sizable online community, free applications and memberships, a wide variety of races to choose from, and the opportunity to win real-world or figurative medals. If you’re ready to take your running to the next level and go faster, it’s time to investigate online running groups.

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