Peloton’s New Our Future Selves Challenge

Peloton has offered Ashton Kutcher’s “Our Future Selves” classes, which were developed in conjunction with Peloton, accessible to subscribers on the Peloton Bike. These sessions, which are conducted on the Tread, have also been uploaded as Bike classes for those in the community who may like to attend classes at the same time as the special visitors. The “On the Leaderboard” lessons offered by Peloton are an example of something similar that the company has run in the past.

In addition, Peloton has introduced a brand new flash challenge that is being referred to as the “Our Future Selves Challenge.”

The following are the terms that they used to announce the challenge:

Ashton Kutcher is participating in the New York City Marathon to collect money for the charitable organization Thorn. You may get a unique participation badge by completing three of the Our Future Selves seminars that are being offered between October 10th and October 17th.

Ashton Kutcher is featured in the Our Future Selves series working out on the Tread with other Peloton instructors and celebrity visitors. Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, Chris Paul, Kenny Chesney, Adam Grant, and Allyson Felix are just some of the famous people who have participated thus far. Each week, Peloton will reveal who the celebrity will be before the show becomes available on demand.

Peloton’s New Our Future Selves Challenge

You may join up for the challenge and choose to participate using the website, the touchscreen on your bike or treadmill, or the app on your mobile device. For members to obtain their badge, they have until October 17 to complete three courses selected from the collection.

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