Peloton Accessories: 17 Products You Must Have in Your Arsenal

​If you are new to Peloton bikes or have been riding for a long time, you’ve likely spent a lot of time in the saddle. Besides its very intense riding programs, a Peloton bike also has yoga classes, resistance band exercises, and bootcamp classes. Indoor cycling or spin sessions are a great low-impact, high-endurance exercise. To maximize your cycling experience, you’ll want to invest in peloton accessories.

Peloton shoes are one of the many accessories you need. Their clips allow you to harness all of your energy and put it right back into your pedal strokes while keeping you safe as you go.

According to Matt Wilpers (Peloton Coach), you may purchase additional bike accessories that will help you get the most out of the bike. If you add a few gadgets to your home cycle gym, you may even be able to transform it into your own private boutique cycling and fitness routine studio.

Here are the peloton bike accessories that will help you get the most out of what you’ve paid for.

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#1 ​Road Cycling Shoes by Venzo (Men/Women)

peloton compatible shoes

A good pair of cycling shoes is bike essentials for any indoor riding experience. Venzo’s regular sneakers feature quick-drying mesh for a comfortable Peloton ride. With three Velcro straps instead of laces, these shoes may be put on and taken off in seconds and remain secure and comfortable.

As a result, they are lighter and better suited for the stationary bike than many other types of cycling footwear. In addition, the Delta cleats, which are compatible shoes with Peloton’s pedals, make the shoes both comfortable and robust.


  • Fast-drying mesh material
  • Fits a wide variety of feet.
  • There are cleats included.
  • BREATHABLE: Features the award-winning technology for performance.


  • The straps of the closure might get unfastened.

#2 Gel Bike Seat Cover Zacro

peloton accessories

The Peloton bike is highly regarded by many fitness enthusiasts. But what about the seat? Not really. This gel seat cover is hard and narrow, which may be really uncomfortable, mainly if you’re riding long distances on it all the time.

A high-quality bike seat cover is needed to fix this problem. A gel that absorbs shocks has been made by the people who make Zacro. It sticks to your saddle to sit comfortably and keep your lower back in the right place.

It’s simple to clean since the bike cover is water-and dust-resistant. The drawstring rim makes it simple to fit on any tight bicycle seat for added convenience.


  • Protective straps keep the bike cover in place around the seat.
  • A surface that is non-slip and non-stick


  • Captures perspiration.
  • Over time, the odor may become more pronounced.

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#3 Bicycle Trainer Sweat Net by RockBros

peloton bike accessories

Even though it’s an odd-looking item, this is a lifesaver while riding in the heat. When you’re done working out, the front section of your bike frame (the area that frequently gets soaked) is protected from corrosion by the sweat net.

The dual-layer cloth can be hand cleaned between rides and has a front velcro strap and an elastic loop that attaches around the seat mount. Wearing a sweat net can help keep your Peloton looking brand new.


  • Prevents sweat from eroding the bike’s frame.
  • It is simple to install and delete.
  • The size can be changed.


  • Prevents the resistance knob from being visible.
  • Washing may result in a loss of form.

#4 Bike Phone Mount by Roam Universal

peloton bike accessories

For those who can’t give up their devices entirely, securing them to their bikes is a brilliant idea so that they don’t fall and injure themselves during their exercises. With this universal cycling phone mount from Roam, your Peloton handlebars will be in the right place.

The mount holds your phone securely with a superior rugged plastic grip and a long-lasting silicone net. The same goes for stationary bike training if motorcyclists rave about it on the road.


  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Most cellphones will fit.
  • It offers a secure method of holding a cellphone while you cycle.


  • A phone at the gym might be a distraction.
  • There is no waterproofing.

#5 2-Pound Hand Weights by P.Volve

peloton bike accessories

Peloton bike does not have dumbbells; instead, it has holsters for holding small neoprene weights that may be utilized for toning and strength workouts. However, buying additional weights doesn’t have to break the bank. P.volve’s 2-pound hand weights are top-notch, versatile, and affordable. They attach effortlessly to the rear of your bike and have an easy-grip coating to make your exercise transitions safe and pleasant and safe and comfortable.

On days when you don’t bike, you may include them in a yoga or Pilates program. All your sculpting and toning requirements may be met with these products.


  • A firm grip that will not slip
  • Appropriate for a wide range of Peloton classes


  • ​The neoprene covering could come undone.

#6 Microfiber Towel by Rainleaf

peloton bike accessories

Working up a sweat is necessary for working out, but the moisture that collects around your eyes and on your palms may be distracting. That’s why no bike ride is complete without a good sweat towel to dry off with. In addition to being quick-drying, this microfiber alternative from Rainleaf is ultra-absorbent.

The absorbent towel is light and fluffy, making it simple to shift between your face and the sweat-wicking headbands of your bike as many times as necessary during a workout. In addition, it’s the perfect size for an indoor riding workout.


  • Absorbent all the way to the core
  • Portable and lightweight workout towel
  • There are several colors to choose from.


  • Over time, the odor may become more pronounced.

#7 Webcam Cover Slide by CloudValley

peloton accesories

The built-in camera on the Peloton bike may be a fun way to participate in live cycling. However, at other times, it’s preferable to work out alone. When you’re not riding your bike, it’s always a good idea to turn off the camera entirely to protect your privacy. Fortunately, a camera cover slide can be placed on the bike’s touchscreen, like a tablet or laptop.

This CloudValley bike screen protector is ultra-thin and light, so it won’t harm the bike’s screen as you ride. You won’t even be able to tell it’s there because of the design’s seamless integration with the bike’s overall appearance.


  • Discreet appearance
  • Affordable
  • It is simple to set up and use.


  • When removed, it may leave a film behind.
  • It is hard to open and close

#8 Bose Ear Headphone

peloton accesories

When it comes to the built-in sound system on your Peloton cycle, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors or other people in your house hearing it. As far as Bluetooth headphones go, you can’t go wrong with Bose’s line of products.

The battery life of these wireless headphones, which can last up to five hours on a single charge, is impressive. The ear headphone stays securely in your ears even during the most strenuous exercises, thanks to the StayHear+ ear tips. Additionally, the water-resistance rating indicates that they’ll withstand even the most grueling riding conditions.


  • Sweat-resistance
  • Customizable size options are included.
  • Batteries that last a long time
  • The sound sound quality is comparable to Apple AirPods Pro’s.


  • Expensive
  • It can be set to disconnect on its own.

#9 Exercise Bike Mat by Sunny Health & Fitness

peloton accesories

Use this heavy-duty gym mat to protect your home’s flooring from damage. It’s strong enough to keep you safe during long rides but soft enough to be used for stretching classes after a workout.

Snag-and-water-resistant high-density PVC foam construction makes it simple to clean and sterilize. Make sure the mat is strong enough to handle the sharp edges of your bike cleats without sliding or slipping.


  • Water and sweat resistance
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • The floor is non-slip.


  • slimmer in comparison to other choices.

#10 Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

best peloton heart rate monitor

This is a popular substitute of peloton heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor inside Apple Watch 6 is worth having since it is equivalent to other chest strap heart rate monitors like Garmin, Polar, or Wahoo but is less expensive. However, there is a minor drawback: it does not monitor heart rate variation and blood flow.

However, this item has surpassed my expectations regarding accuracy and longevity. Furthermore, the Bluetooth capabilities on the Apple Watch allow it to serve as a peloton heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, does not enable ANT+ connectivity.

While the smartwatch and armbands were accurate for the workouts that did not require arm movement, the elliptical arm levers were incorrect when using an optical HRM (Bluetooth-enabled band and heart rate monitor armband).


  • Quickly and easily connects to Peloton fitness apps.
  • A fitness tracker that supports third-party hardware and software
  • Heart rate zones are shown by LEDs on the chest strap.
  • Comfortable


  • There is no ANT+ support.

#11 Resistance Bands by Tribe Premium

peleton bike accessories

Having resistance band equipment in your home gym is a must since Peloton also provides resistance band-based sessions. Tribe Fitness’ 12-piece set includes five color-coded resistance bands with five different difficulty levels: 5, 15, 20, 30, and 35 pounds.

Two padded handles, a door anchor, two ankle straps, a waterproof carrying bag, and a workout eBook are all included in the kit. The resistance bands are designed to endure with a 100% Malaysian latex construction. On the other hand, resistance bands are very light and portable, allowing you to keep up with your workout regimen even while you’re on the go.


  • A broad range of resiliency
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Wear may occur over time.

Other Peloton Accessories I Find Useful

#12 Shimano RC3 Cycling Shoes

peleton bike accessories

These are the cycling shoes with the best foot comfort. Instead of fitting like a regular cross-trainer, these spin shoes are contoured to suit your feet like gloves. Other high-tech design elements that we don’t comprehend include perforations in the synthetic leather top and the inclusion of glass fiber in the sole to aid in power transmission. Just take it from someone who has worn them—they’re a breeze to put on and take off.

#13 Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

best peloton accessories

People often lament how uncomfortable spin cycle chairs are and want a softer landing as they’re up and down in the saddle during a workout. Fortunately, there’s a bigger saddle replacement for the Peloton bike, which is 10.2 inches wide and a “V” design that genuinely fits your behind. It also has its own set of installation tools. Customer testimonial: “I used to be able to bike for just 15 minutes before purchasing the padded seat, but after purchasing it, my back no longer hurts!”

#14 Bike Trainer Floor Mat-Cyclingdeal Bikes

best peloton accessories

According to one reader, “The Peloton installers said during my setup that this mat was “much superior to the one you can get from Peloton.” I’ve had enough. The first month of usage has been great, and I’m happy with the purchase. ” You won’t have to worry about your bike scratching your floor thanks to this mat’s 6-millimeter thickness and PVC-free scent, making it spacious and sturdy.

#15 Sponeed Men’s Padded Cycling Shorts

best peloton accessories

Finally, padded bike shorts that don’t look like a child strolling about with a diaper on. ​Sponeed’s ultra-plush back and thigh cushioning, and the seat padding on the inner thighs and seat are designed with indoor cycling in mind.

I just began riding and purchased these padded shorts in preparation for a future triathlon. They’re perfect for me since they’re both comfy and stylish. While riding, they are easy to put on and take off. 

#16 Naisi Handlebar

best peloton accessories

When you’re about to launch yourself triumphantly out of the saddle for a leap, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a workout or a stroke. Furthermore, you make a mistake (womp womp). With sweat-soaked handlebars come the dangers. However, one customer claims that “the handlebar towel absorbs all of it. When I saw this thing had the lowest price compared to the others, I was overjoyed.”

#17 ​Travel Kuppe Cycling Sports Water Bottle

best peloton accessories

Its vacuum insulation keeps ​ypur drink hot or cold over 9 hours. It fits standard water bottle holders nicely. One customer who gave it five stars in their review said, “​ I bought this in summer because most cycling bottles do not keep the fluids cold. It not only keeps them cold, but it also fits in the bottle cage on my bike.”

Peloton Accessories: Final Thoughts

Before you purchase anything, double-check that it is compatible with your bike. For example, you’ll need to use Peloton bike pedals for the Delta cleat shoes. People who do indoor cycling classes say that you should make sure your home gym bike can use SPD or Delta clips before buying a pair of shoes.

Seat coverings, for example, may work with specific other exercise bikes but not with Peloton models. To be compatible with regular bike accessories, like cleaning supplies, mats, and hand weights, you don’t have to use the same ones I recommend.

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