Peloton Bike Shoes: Top 16 Compatible Pairs in 2023

After purchasing a Peloton bike, you will need a pair of Peloton compatible shoes that will help you get the most out of your workout experience. The proper wider foot shoes help you achieve your objectives for the Peloton bike and other indoor riding bikes. In addition, because of their attachment to the bike’s pedals rather than your beloved sneakers, Peloton shoes deliver greater power and stability when riding.

The cleat (the part that links the shoe to the pedal) comes in two basic varieties: the “three-bolt” and the “two-bolt” cleat systems. Peloton bike has Delta-compatible cleats. 

Therefore, you’ll need shoes with a three-bolt cleat system to use them. If you want to ride your bike with SPD cleats, you’ll have to replace your pedals.

In addition to the clip, the finest spin shoes are lightweight, have a firmer sole bottom than sneakers, and feature velcro fastenings. Even though you don’t have to wear spin shoes on a cycle like the Peloton, it’s strongly suggested that you do so to maximize your exercise.

Use this cycling shoe review to help you find the best types of cycling shoe for your Peloton or indoor cycling bike!

What are the Best Shoes for Peloton Bike?

Peloton compatible shoes

The Shimano RC1 is our top pick for the finest cycling shoes for peloton. Over a month of riding, they remained light, comfortable, and breathable. You can get them for less than $100, but you’ll have to buy cleats separately.

Starting off, you’ll most likely choose a Peloton bike since you can purchase a wide range of shoes and a bike together, making it easy for someone to acquire all of the equipment at once. They’re also an excellent pair of sneakers.

If you avoid buying expensive pair of shoes, the Vitalpa line of cycling shoes is the most cost-effective option for professional cyclists. They’re pretty reasonably priced at less than $60. Purchasing these shoes with the clips is substantially less costly than buying regular shoes from a more premium brand, even if you have to buy them separately. Additionally, they’re compatible with the top Peloton substitutes.

So that you don’t become a disappointed customer, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Peloton shoes for you.

Best 16 Peloton Bike Shoes Ranked

 #1 Shimano RC1: The Best Shoes for Peloton Bike

Peloton compatible shoes

After a few months of testing various versions, we believe the Shimano RC1 indoor cycling shoes are the best overall. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced spin shoe, this one is for you. These sneakers include synthetic leather upper material with a mesh pattern to provide a comfortable fit. Three hook-and-loop black straps across the top of the feet make it simple to put them on and take them off.

They were breathable, comfy, and simple to wear throughout our time with them. Three adjustable velcro straps made it simple to customize the fit to my preferences. In contrast to Peloton’s feet wear, Shimano’s shoes do not come with clips, which may be ordered for an additional $20. An adapter for SPD cleats is available for the RC1s built for Delta cleats.


  • Delta Clips Compatible shoes
  • Delta cleat compatible
  • The ride is quite comfy.


  • Clips are an add-on item.

#2 Venzo Peloton Bike Shoe

peloton compatible shoes

They’re among the most Comfortable Spinning Shoes. The Delta and SPD clips work with the Venzo cycling shoes; however, the SPD cleats must be separately purchased if you get the shoes with Delta clips.

Low-cut construction for a light and fast fit is included in both the men’s and women’s shoes, which feature quick-drying mesh and synthetic uppers. My wide feet felt like they had been molded to the shoe after wearing these shoes for a month. Furthermore, the Tommasos’ tongue is fastened to the center of the three velcro straps on these shoes. Thus, preventing them from slipping down our feet when riding. As a result, the Venzos rapidly became one of our favorites, despite being less comfortable than the Shimano RC1s.


  • Delta Clips and SPD Clips are both clip compatible.
  • It includes Delta chips
  • Features the award-winning technology for performance


  • SPD Clips are an add-on item that must be bought separately.

#3 Nike SuperRep Cycling Shoes

peloton compatible shoes

Nike released their Nike SuperRep cycling shoes this spring, which include an adjustable hook-and-loop strap so you can fine-tune the fit of your shoes to your preferences. However, it is necessary to buy the SPD and Delta clips separately with the Nike SuperRep sneakers, which are lightweight and include a breathable mesh vent.

However, Nike’s shoes garnered the most mixed evaluations of all the companies included in this article, even though they are available in men’s and women’s sizes. Size up with Nikes, as most people have found with other brands of spinning shoes. One reviewer said they are “comfy, flexible, and simple to clip in and out of.” Then, this other one: “I connected my delta cleats, and I took a 5-minute ride. My toes were swollen and painful. The carbon fiber soles of these shoes are too thin to provide adequate support. “I was able to feel the pedal,” he said.


  • There is only one model, but it comes in various chic colors.
  • Sizes for both men and women are available.
  • Supports Delta and SPD clips.


  • Clips are an add-on item.

#4 Tommaso Women’s Pista & Men’s Strada

Tommaso Pista & Strada cycling shoes

Tommaso Pista & Strada cycling shoes are more costly than some of their rivals. Fortunately, they are delivered with the pre-installed clips you choose. Also, for people who have Peloton bike alternatives, these shoes are compatible with both Delta and SPD clips, so you may ride on any bike.

These shoes come in both men’s and women’s styles. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we tried, the tongue of the shoes kept slipping down into the shoe despite our efforts to secure it with three Velcro straps. There is no padding on the tongue either. Tommaso suggests riders get their regular size, but several consumers discovered they needed to order a bigger model because their standard size was too small.


  • The Delta cleats were included.
  • It also comes with a spare set of screws, nuts, and bolts.
  • Suitable for broad feet and narrow feet


  • The tongue dangles a little too low
  • Stiff soles

#5 Slipstream TIEM Shoes for Peloton Bike

Slipstream TIEM cycling shoes

Concerned about the look of your feet as you ride? It looks more like running shoes, but the Tiem Slipstream spin shoes include breathable mesh material to let your feet breathe and are lightweight. You may go outside of class in these sneaker-like shoes with the clips connected, unlike standard cycling shoes. There are six other colors to choose from as well.

While the Tiems may be used with SPD clips, you’ll need to buy new pedals for your bike if you want to use them with a Peloton. In addition, TIEM suggests that clients order a half-size smaller than they usually do for their shoes.


  • Breathability is provided through a lot of mesh in the shoe’s upper.
  • The color options are many.
  • Extremely relaxing for the entire foot.
  • It includes an instructional manual.


  • Clips are an add-on item.
  • There is no way to use clips with the Peloton.

#6 Official Peloton Bike Shoes

best peloton shoes
Peloton Original Shoes

Although Peloton’s own shoes are the finest overall, these shoes may be used on other exercise bikes. The Peloton sneakers with a ratchet clip and velcro straps are lightweight and ventilated. Also, with Peloton’s bike delivery service, you can have your new bike and your new shoes together in time for your first ride.

It’s nice that Peloton shoes come with clips, but you’ll have to put them in yourself. We were impressed with the quality of these shoes, which seemed to be constructed to endure. We also appreciated that the tongue didn’t fall out while driving. However, at a total cost of $125, they’re a little out of reach. The simplicity of purchasing them via your Peloton can’t be matched.


  • Well made
  • Delta cleats are included.
  • The sizes are accurate.
  • Removable sock liner


  • There are no happy customer testimonials on their website.
  • Only one design choice

#7 Men’s Vitatalpa Cycling Shoes

Men's Vitatalpa Cycling Shoes

Because exercise bikes, particularly Pelotons, may be pricey, buying a less costly pair of cycling shoes is one way to save some money. Peloton bike riders on a budget can’t go wrong with the Vitatalpa Men’s Cycling Shoes: Quick-drying, breathable, and anti-slip material. Thanks to the adjustable clasp and hook-and-loop straps, it is quite simple to put them on.

To begin, keep the following in mind: shoes from Vitatalpa are exclusively available in men’s sizes, with no clips included. In addition, they’re available in various color options and may be used with SPD-SL or SPD-SL cleat styles, although they’re compatible with both the 2-bolt and 3-bolt SPD styles.


  • The color options are many.
  • Sizes are accurate to the smallest and largest sizes.
  • Delta and SPD clips are supported.


  • Only available in men’s feet measurements.
  • Clips are an add-on item.

#8 Shimano IC1 Bike Shoes Compatible with Peloton

bike shoes for peloton

The Shimano IC1 Peloton bike shoes can be likened to gliding through your Peloton session in cozy slippers. With their velcro wrap-around fastening, these shoes offer exceptional comfort and effortless adjustability. However, it’s worth noting that achieving minute adjustments while clipped in, unlike the convenient boa system, might prove slightly more challenging.

Ranking at a six on Shimano’s stiffness scale, which extends up to twelve, these shoes strike a balance between softness and comfort. Yet, during strenuous trials such as FTP tests or intense exertions, our tester observed a lack of the desired rigidity.

Designed to accommodate both two and three bolt cleat systems, these shoes present a welcoming choice for indoor cycling aficionados. Nevertheless, riders seeking enhanced solidity might lean towards alternatives in the more advanced category.


  • Well ventilated 
  • Easy to adjust 


  • Not as easy to adjust on the bike 

#9 Giro Regime cycling shoes

bike shoes for peloton

Struggling to pinpoint any faults with the Giro Regime cycling shoes, we find ourselves at a loss for criticism. These shoes effortlessly combine style and substance within a somewhat higher-priced package. While their cost might be considered premium, their minimalist aesthetics and slip-on sock-like feel elevate them beyond many competitors.

The Synchwire upper, boasting both flexibility and necessary rigidity, molds adeptly to feet—a quality often missing in top-tier cycling shoes. Thanks to the dual BOA L6 dials, securing the shoe around the forefoot and ankle becomes a precise task, a level of accuracy sometimes lacking in lace or velcro reliant alternatives. This approach not only eliminates pinching but also allows for personalized adjustments to match individual foot contours. Pinprick perforations on the midfoot and forefoot bring a breath of relief during vigorous, sweaty workouts. The carbon-composite sole plate, recognized as one of the prime materials in the cycling shoe market, greatly amplifies power transfer and pedal efficiency.

The premium attributes of the shoe effortlessly validate its price tag, and its aesthetic appeal is nothing short of captivating. Opting for a sleek and slender profile rather than the bulkier design some brands adopt only enhances its high-end charm. One minor drawback could be found in the BOA-dial pop-release feature. This arrangement necessitates releasing all tension at once to loosen the wire laces, a slight inconvenience that barely diminishes the overall quality.

Our tester aptly dubbed these shoes as a second-skin that’s both lightweight and responsive. They’re poised to entice Peloton enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Garnering a 4.6 out of 5 rating from Amazon customers, these shoes received praise for accommodating wide feet and adhering to accurate sizing. Raving about the arch support was another common sentiment among positive reviews. On the flip side, critical feedback highlighted a perceived lack of innovation in the design and the stiffness of the shoes.


  • Innovative Boa L6 dial-tightening system
  • Comfortable, breathable upper 


  • Loosening these Peloton bike shoes takes some tension off the lacing cable 

#10 Santic J1 Shoes for Peloton Bike

bike shoes for peloton

Tailored for vibrant cyclists aiming to strike a balance between budget-consciousness and quality, the Santic J1 cycling shoe emerges as an ideal choice. This option exclusively caters to 3-bolt compatibility, and the added perk of included cleats accompanies your purchase.

Despite sporting a design reminiscent of bowling shoes, these cycling shoes inject a touch of playful style through their vibrant block color palette. The BOA turn dial system steps in to offer micro-adjustments that replace conventional laces or velcro straps. A minor velcro strap secures the forefoot. Opting for a rugged outdoor vibe, Santic combines a durable perforated PU upper with a nylon-composite outsole. This blend imbues the shoe with both sturdiness and flexibility. Santic’s claim of marrying comfort with the necessary stiffness for efficient pedaling finds validation in our endorsement, although adapting to the shoe’s pronounced stiffness might require some acclimatization. Those seeking a snug, glove-like fit should look elsewhere, as this shoe doesn’t quite deliver on that aspect.

Nevertheless, Santic impressively manages to deliver a comfortable experience, catering even to wide-footed users. For those with narrower feet, the adjustable dial and substantial ankle padding offer ample support—although more padding could have been provided. Heel slippage ceases to be a concern during rides, thanks to these design features. Ensuring a solid pedal connection and secure cleat attachment even during high-resistance rides is a notable advantage.

While the shoes don’t conform seamlessly to foot contours and the bowling shoe aesthetics didn’t win us over, we did appreciate the dynamic color range, durability, and unexpectedly cozy fit of the Santic shoes. They effortlessly withstand intense, sweat-drenched spinning sessions.

Sitting at an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon, the Santic Jian1 Cycling Shoes garnered positive feedback, particularly from Peloton bike owners thrilled by their compatibility. Positive reviews often highlight the shoes’ comfort and affordability, while also noting their accurate sizing. Negative feedback highlights the challenge of attaching Delta clips due to the small holes on the shoe’s bottom.


  • Comfortable
  • Great support 


  • Quite stiff on first wear and slippery to walk in 

#11 Rapha Classic cycling shoes

bike shoes for peloton

Dubbed the Prada of luxury cycling shoes within its fervent fanbase, the Rapha Classic cycling shoe holds a unique place. At first glance, they might seem unassuming, yet upon closer inspection, subtle design nuances become evident, setting them apart. Though these shoes come with a higher price tag, the inclusion of a drawstring tote bag, an extra set of laces, and high arch pads sweetens the deal.

The Classic by Rapha masterfully achieves equilibrium between comfort, style, and durability. Unmistakable Rapha reflective toe straps and the multicolored strap hook add flair to what would otherwise be a blank canvas. The understated palette of stone gray, black pearl, and white exudes both simplicity and sophistication. The inclusion of premium carbon footplates, usually associated with high-end cycling shoes, furnishes a sturdy foundation that enhances cycling cadence efficiency and reinforces longevity. Rapha confidently claims these shoes to be the epitome of comfort, yet while their comfort is commendable, they do run on the snug side.

The 100% microfiber upper, featuring cooling perforations, is designed with a low-cut profile to facilitate greater ankle mobility. The double-wall lacing system is a strategic touch that mitigates pinch points and distributes pressure uniformly across the foot. This lightweight shoe exhibits minimal flex, houses a roomy toe box, a sculpted heel, and a slip-resistant grippy sole. Despite ticking off all the right boxes, riders with narrow feet should consider sizing up to avoid any potential disappointment.

Earning glowing accolades, the Rapha Classic cycling shoe holds an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Its charm lies in its style and performance, with users commending its quality and fit. Negative reviews, though sparse, caution customers to opt for a larger size to ensure a proper fit.


  • Design and classy color palette  


  • Expensive
  • Only compatible with three-hole cleats 

#12 Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 Shoes for Peloton Bike

bike shoes for peloton

If the pursuit of your ideal (narrow) match has spanned years, the Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve cycling shoe might just emerge as your cycling salvation. Sporting a clean-cut and sleek profile, these shoes deliver a snug, glove-like embrace, making them a perfect fit for any cyclist yearning for that comforting connection with their footwear. While the design might provoke varying opinions among buyers, we applaud Fizik’s resolute stance on inclusive footwear.

Positioned within the midrange market segment, the R5s retain an air of luxury despite their price point and the absence of cleats. The shoe’s premium appearance and tactile feel mirror the signature quality associated with the renowned Italian footwear brand, Fizik. The color combinations, featuring both beauty and simplicity, are visually appealing. The inclusion of the BOA-dial system, complemented by a velcro strap, facilitates meticulous micro-tightening adjustments, ensconcing your foot gently rather than exerting undue pressure. The perforated upper material incorporates seam-free Microtex, paired with a carbon fiber reinforced nylon-composite sole, strategically engineered to enhance cycling efficiency.

A standout feature is the overcurve construction method, thoughtfully designed with an ergonomic, staggered collar that seamlessly follows the contours of your foot. This innovative approach ensures the shoe adapts to your foot’s natural shape, epitomizing both intelligence and unparalleled comfort. While this shoe’s ventilation might be inadequate for warm-weather cycling, given that the perforations terminate around the toe box and lack any additional inbuilt ventilation, it remains tailored for those with narrower feet. The toebox might feel snug, but it’s a result of the focus on fit, with the overall design catering adeptly to individuals with narrow feet.

Amazon’s user community has bestowed a stellar average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars upon the Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 cycling shoe, with a notable 80% of ratings reaching the 5-star pinnacle. Positive reviews laud both the aesthetics and the remarkable comfort of the shoe. In contrast, negative feedback highlights concerns about breathability and durability issues, citing instances of easy scuffing.


  • Efficient strap design
  • Ergonomic construction 


  • Tight fit
  • Expensive 

#13 Asphodelus Womens Bike Shoes Compatible with Peloton

cycling shoes compatible with peloton

In addition to the eye-catching patterns that practically beckon you to click “Add to Cart,” the Asphodelus Womens Peloton Compatible Bike Shoes collection presents a unique discovery priced at less than $75. What’s more, they seamlessly pair with the Peloton bike and include a set of three-hole Delta cleats. As an added convenience, a wrench is also provided for effortless cleat installation.


  • Compatible with two- and three-hole cleats
  • Available in fun patterns
  • Affordable


  • Some users say cleats rattle during rides

#14 Adidas The Indoor Bike Shoes for Peloton

cycling shoes compatible with peloton

Crafted with a blend of recycled materials, these stylish cycling shoes from Adidas effortlessly captivate the eye while offering an equally enjoyable riding experience. The presence of a rigid midsole plate enhances power transfer to the maximum, while the inclusion of breathable uppers ensures feet remain sweat-free. It’s important to note, though, that this particular pair exclusively accommodates three-hole cleats. Therefore, for those riding a bike other than Peloton, it’s advisable to meticulously verify its specifications before proceeding with the purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable


  • Not as affordable

#15 Altos Peloton Bike Shoe

cycling compatible with peloton

An advancement beyond the conventional Peloton-branded cycling footwear, the Altos shoes offer a distinct upgrade. Engineered from breathable jacquard mesh, these shoes aim to provide a sensation akin to wearing socks. The interior boasts an additional layer of waffle-mesh, meticulously incorporated to ensure unparalleled comfort.


  • Jacquard mesh material feels “sock-like”
  • One-strap closure


  • Not compatible with two-hole cleats

#16 Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex II Bike Shoes Compatible with Peloton

cycling compatible with peloton

Crafted under the expertise of cycling champion and Olympian Louis Garneau, these shoes emerge as a definite choice for superior performance. Engineered with a focus on optimal breathability, they feature an exceptionally ventilated toe box. Moreover, their spacious fit ensures comfortable extended rides, perfectly aligned for surpassing personal records and ascending the leaderboard.


  • Added arch support
  • Three straps make for adjustable, secure fit


  • Only compatible with three-hole cleats

How We Tested

Having meticulously examined all cycling shoes within our dedicated testing facility, we subjected each to a comprehensive evaluation, assigning scores ranging from 1 to 5 across several key criteria, including:

  • Design and distinctive features
  • Level of comfort
  • Performance capabilities
  • Value proposition.

In our assessment process, we engaged in both a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session and an active recovery workout. This methodology aimed to verify the shoes’ ability to endure rigorous demands and deliver consistent performance.

Upon this foundation, we then formulated an aggregate rating, ranging up to five, for each individual pair of shoes. We concluded the analysis by offering a final verdict that succinctly outlines the particular strengths and limitations of each model, along with our judgment on their preparedness for cycling endeavors.

How to Choose the Best Peloton and Indoor Cycling Shoes

Comfort and fit

When acquiring shoes to complement your Peloton or exercise bike setup, prioritizing comfort and convenience stands paramount. The majority of spin shoes are designed with a focus on being lightweight, coupled with the inclusion of a velcro strap for swift and effortless wearing and removal. The last thing you’d want is to interrupt your workout momentum for shoelace tying.

Clip compatibility

Equally significant is the consideration of clip compatibility. Positioned at the base of a spin shoe, a metal clip serves the purpose of securing your foot onto the bike’s pedals. This clip is usually affixed through screws, allowing easy detachment and subsequent attachment to a fresh pair of shoes when the need arises.

Spin shoes commonly align with either the SPD Clip (2-Bolt System) or the Delta Clip (3-Bolt System). Premium spin shoes often cater to both types of clips, accommodating versatile preferences. Nonetheless, it remains vital to ascertain whether the spin shoe you intend to acquire aligns with the specific clip that corresponds to your exercise bike. For instance, Peloton bikes come equipped with Delta-compatible pedals. Therefore, unless you’re contemplating pedal replacement, it becomes imperative to select shoes compatible with Delta clips.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that the majority of cycling shoes are devoid of clips upon purchase. Thus, anticipate the need to procure clips separately and subsequently affix them to your chosen pair of shoes.


The spectrum of spin shoe pricing spans approximately from $50 to $140, encompassing a variety of choices. Noteworthy high-end names encompass the likes of Nike and TIEM, offering premium alternatives. Conversely, budget-conscious options like the Vitatalpa brand cater adeptly to individuals embarking on their cycling journey. Opting for higher-priced shoes often translates to investing in enhanced durability and the utilization of lighter materials, rendering them more breathable in nature.

As previously noted, it’s essential to recognize that clips are typically not included with most cycling shoe purchases. Consequently, it’s prudent to allocate an extra budget ranging from $10 to $20 to accommodate the acquisition of clips, ensuring a complete setup.

Do you really need Peloton shoes for a Peloton bike?

Certainly, without a doubt. As previously indicated, while it’s feasible to employ standard exercise shoes for cycling, utilizing clipped-in cycling shoes notably enhances both power output and pedal cadence efficiency. In the absence of a secured shoe, there exists a heightened risk of foot slippage or exerting excessive strain on the ankles—factors that could potentially impede your cycling performance.

The quest to identify the optimal shoes for Peloton might entail several attempts. Hence, it’s consistently recommended to prioritize the comfortable fit of the shoe, ensuring that it embraces your foot comfortably rather than causing discomfort or constriction.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Your Peloton Bike Shoes

Comfort and convenience are two of the most critical considerations when selecting shoes to go with your Peloton or workout bike. Velcro straps and lightweight construction are standard features of most footwear. However, you don’t want your training to be disrupted by stopping to tie your shoes.

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