The 2022 Top 50 Countdown of Peloton is Out

Peloton’s 2022 Top 50 Countdown courses have been introduced to the agenda for the next series, and Peloton has published further details about the set on their social media platforms. The Top 50 Countdown courses rank the songs that were enjoyed the most by Peloton users during the year and count them down from one to fifty.

The scope of this year’s series has been extended to include yoga, outdoor activities, walking, & rowing in addition to the rides, runs, and strength sessions that were previously offered.

The 2022 Top 50 Countdown of Peloton is Out

Except for a unique two-for-one ride with Mila Lazar & Cliff Dwenger that will be in the top 10 most-liked tunes in German language classrooms, all of the lessons will be conducted in English.

The lesson series will start on December 26 and continue through December 30. It will include five different sets of lessons spanning six different modalities. This year, in contrast to the previous ones, there will not be any live courses.

The 2022 Top 50 Countdown of Peloton is Out

The duration of each lesson is exactly half an hour.

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