Alex Karwoski Shares Correct Form for Rowing

Peloton has released a brief video with instructions for the correct form, and members who possess a Peloton Row may find it interesting to hear about this development. In the video that follows, Alex Karwoski discusses the three errors in rowing form that occur most often and offers advice on how to prevent them.

  1. Overreaching the catch, or, to put it another way, leaning too far forward as you come back towards the screen, is the first typical form error that will be discussed here. Alex argues that this action undermines your ability to maintain your position of authority on your back.
  2. When rowing, the second most frequent form error is opening too early at the drive. Alex warns about the risk of putting too much weight on one’s upper body and neglecting to make use of the strength that one has in their legs. Alex suggests that you keep your shoulders in front of your hips when driving and think about driving with the seat back.
  3. The last typical error in form involves bending the knees too early. This relates to the beginning of the recovery process when you want to go back to the screen as rapidly as possible. It’s possible that hitting your knees will happen if you bend your knees too early. Or you’ll have no choice but to crawl on your hands and knees. Rather, Alex suggests that you wait until the handle is higher than your knees before attempting to raise the objects.

Alex displays both the wrong and proper form for the whole of the video so that members may have a better understanding of the tiny variations that exist between movements.

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