Peloton on Tour in Atlanta: Toussaint’s Activate Your Greatness Panel Overview

When the Peloton on Tour series kicked off, they spilled the beans that info about each city’s happenings would drop a month before the event. This clever move let Peloton make tweaks and toss in fresh activities, all thanks to the lowdown gathered from previous stops.

A brand new event for Peloton on Tour in Atlanta was a cool panel chat dubbed “Activate Your Greatness Panel” featuring the one and only Alex Toussaint. Picture this – it went down at the Peloton Alpharetta showroom from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on a Friday, specifically August 18th. What a time! 🚴‍♂️✨


Here’s the inside scoop on Alex’s panel at Peloton on Tour in Atlanta:

Alex gets the struggle of not expecting the best from yourself. He’s all about urging everyone to unleash their greatness in every part of life. At this Atlanta shindig, Alex spills the beans on his mental and physical routines, both on and off the bike. These practices shape his daily habits, fire up his drive, and play a role in his success. And guess what? He’s ready to show you how to do the same. Get ready for some serious motivation!

Just like previous Peloton on Tour gatherings, eager participants formed a queue outdoors, going through a checklist to confirm their ticket purchase. Once their names were confirmed, they received wristbands for event entry. The event kicked off at 2:00pm, and doors to the showroom opened around 1:15pm to offer relief from the heat. Inside, approximately 75-100 chairs were arranged for ticket holders to comfortably attend the panel discussion.

At precisely 2:00pm, Marcel Dinkins took the stage as the moderator. Providing a brief introduction, he then welcomed Alex Toussaint to the audience’s enthusiastic applause.


During the extended hour-long event (originally planned for just 30 minutes), Alex captivated the audience with engaging stories and insights on various topics. From recounting his journey to joining Peloton to revealing his influences, discussing his military school upbringing, and delving into his relationships with his parents, Alex covered a wide array of subjects. He shared the origins of his motivational phrases, “Activate Your Greatness” and “Validate Your Greatness,” delved into the technical aspects behind Peloton classes, and even revealed his favorite classes to teach.

Marcel posed several prepared questions to Alex, and Peloton had selected additional queries submitted by members in advance. Following these, live questions were taken from the audience. One inquiry touched upon Alex’s non-profit venture, The Do Better Foundation, which aims to “democratize wellness by increasing access to wellness resources.”

During the panel, Alex excitedly disclosed that his anticipated PUMA cycling shoes, previously teased, are slated for release in September. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation for this upcoming addition to Alex’s endeavors.

After the event wrapped up, Alex pleasantly surprised everyone by presenting a sneak peek of his upcoming book to a lucky audience member. He didn’t stop there – each person in the crowd also received a special QR code offering a discounted link to purchase his eagerly awaited book, “Unlock Your Inner Greatness,” set to hit the shelves on October 10th, as he had announced earlier this year.


In the midst of the panel discussion, Marcel curiously inquired about what readers could anticipate from Alex’s forthcoming literary work. Following the engaging panel session, Alex graciously lingered around, snapping photos, and engaging in brief but warm conversations with all the ticket-holders present at the event.

This marked the third official gathering for Peloton on Tour in Atlanta. The Peloton Instructor Experience took place on Thursday, followed by the Peloton Field Day events on Friday morning.

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