Robin Arzon Launching New Toy Line Under “Bebé Fuerte”

Exciting news from Robin Arzon! She’s introducing a fresh line of toys under the “Bebé Fuerte” brand. These bilingual toys, crafted in collaboration with TOMY, come in a variety of price ranges, from $8.99 to $20.99. Keep an eye out for them at Walmart, Amazon, and other stores in the near future.

The new website dedicated to these toys provides the following description:

Bebé Fuerte is all about embracing the joy of movement for both babies and their caregivers. Robin Arzόn draws inspiration from her Cuban-Puerto Rican heritage and ensures that each of her baby toys is packaged bilingually. Additionally, she weaves Spanish words and phrases into several of the toys, enabling parents to share them during playtime. Explore the complete Bebé Fuerte collection to uncover these wonderful features.

For the initial release, you’ll find a delightful selection of 7 unique Bebé Fuerte toys designed by Robin Arzon.

Robin Arzon’s Bebé Fuerte Toys List

  • Stack & Count Bebé Fuerte Kettlebell Activity Toy – $16.99
  • Let’s Move Bebé Fuerte Giftset– $19.99
  • Twist & Shake Bebé Fuerte Dumbbell – $9.99
  • Marathon Maze 2-in-1 Activity Mirror – $20.99
  • Move & Groove Bebé Fuerte Crinklie Panda – $9.99
  • Strong & Sunny Bebé Fuerte Clip On Stroller Toy – $8.99
  • Move & Groove Bebé Fuerte Crinklie Elephant – $9.99

The website continues with the following message:

A firm advocate of the transformative power of movement at any age, Robin combines her unique mantras and wisdom with a baby’s early physical milestones, promoting unity in motion for parents, caregivers, and their little ones.

Robin also shared her thoughts on the launch with, stating:

“Bebé Fuerte draws inspiration from our tiniest, mightiest movers! I genuinely believe in the healing and empowering potential of movement. It’s a tool to unlock our inner strength,” Arzón shares with PEOPLE. “I aimed to craft a toy line that celebrates movement and is influenced by the world of fitness. As a proud Latina, it’s imbued with the Spanish language and the vibrant dynamism of my upbringing, which I believe should infuse the world of play.”

“I’ve always cherished and encouraged caregivers to make their own physical well-being a priority, and Bebé Fuerte is a delightful extension of that philosophy. It offers a child-friendly, age-appropriate way for families to integrate movement into their playtime and witness their children naturally embracing physical activity as little athletes.”

This exciting release comes on the heels of Atlas, Robin’s second child, as well as her second children’s book published last year.

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