Becs Gentry Husband: What Does Austin Curtis Do for a Living?

Becs Gentry, the renowned Peloton mentor and a skilled long-distance runner with a personal record of 2:37:12, has had an interesting journey. Originally from Britain, she spent nearly six years working in a London-based advertising agency. However, the monotonous daily routine didn’t fulfill her passion for fitness, so she made a career shift to pursue her dreams in the wellness industry.

Becs’ uncle, an accomplished hockey player, played a pivotal role in inspiring her to take up running. Fuelled by her newfound passion, she decided to relocate to the United States to further explore the world of running.

becs gentry husband
Austin Curtis with his Wife

Throughout her running career, Becs has accomplished impressive feats. She has successfully completed renowned races such as the Berlin Marathon, the New York City Marathon, and various others. Notably, she has completed marathons in under three hours, showcasing her exceptional skills. In addition to these achievements, Becs emerged as the winner of the Speed Project race and secured second place in the Hong Kong Marathon.

Now, let’s shift the focus to Austin Curtis, the husband of fitness coach Becs Gentry.

Becs Gentry Husband: Austin Curtis

While Austin is most recognized for his relationship with Becs, he prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight. However, he has an Instagram page called “@beyondcurfews,” which showcases his passion for expressive arts. Through this page, Austin aims to make art more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Although Austin’s profession remains undisclosed to the public, details regarding his net worth are currently unknown as well. Frequently accompanying his wife Becs on her running adventures, he is often seen sharing their experiences on social media platforms, providing entertainment and inspiration to their followers.

Becs Gentry and Austin Curtis Embark on an Exciting Journey as Expectant Parents

Exciting news has emerged from the Instagram account of Becs Gentry, as she announced her pregnancy alongside her husband Austin Curtis. The couple delightedly shared a series of photos on their social media platforms to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The first picture captures them standing in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower, radiating joy and anticipation. In the second photo, they can be seen holding a pregnancy test kit with beaming smiles. Accompanying the heartwarming images, Becs expressed her elation at their growing family and the immense happiness they feel.

becs gentry husband
Austin Curtis with his first baby Tallulah

Austin also took to his social media to share the same picture, marking the beginning of their parenthood journey. This marks the couple’s first child together, filling their hearts with excitement and anticipation for the future.

becs gentry husband
Becs Gentry wishing Husband Happy Birthday

As for Becs Gentry’s age, she is currently 37 years old, as of 2023. On the other hand, Austin, the devoted husband, is six years younger than the fitness coach. Austin celebrated his 31th birthday on February 12, 2023, and Becs commemorated the special occasion by posting a heartfelt message accompanied by a photo montage on her Instagram, extending warm birthday wishes to him.

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