Camila Ramón Teaching Peloton Outdoor Audio Running Classes

In the coming days, our members are in for a special treat with Camila Ramón, our instructor. She’s gearing up for something exciting – the very first outdoor audio classes. Camila gave us a sneak peek through her Instagram Stories, hinting that she’s been busy in one of the studios where outdoor running classes come to life.

In her post, Camila Ramón captioned a photo with the words “Audio Only.” It shows her on a Tread+ in the same room where other instructors have often recorded those fantastic audio-only outdoor classes. Get ready for a unique outdoor workout experience with Camila!


Looking at Alex Toussaint’s recent journey, where he stepped into the audio recording studio in April and had his content released in June, it’s reasonable to expect Camila’s outdoor debut in September.

As for the language, it’s still a mystery whether Camila’s upcoming content will be in English or Spanish. She’s a versatile instructor, teaching in both languages. Camila made her Tread debut in October 2022 and introduced Spanish classes in June 2023. However, there hasn’t been any new Spanish-language content on the Tread since the initial release. If Camila goes the Spanish route with her outdoor audio content, it will be a first for the Peloton platform. Exciting times ahead!

Stay tuned for the big reveal of Camila’s fresh outdoor audio classes. We’ll spill all the beans as soon as these classes are up and running. While you’re waiting, why not dive into Peloton’s latest Artist Series Reloaded programming for some exciting outdoor content?

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