Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review

The 2022 Year in Review that Peloton has compiled and titled “The Cooldown” is available. Please note that this does not refer to the year that we are currently in. In this analysis, the year 2022 refers to the period beginning December 1, 2021, and ending December 1, 2022.

What exactly is The Cooldown on Peloton?

Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review
Highlights of Peloton’s The Cooldown 2022 Year.

Peloton has produced a brief film for practically every one of its members, and each one of these videos has a highlight and some statistics that summarize the preceding year.

There are two different versions of the video that may be seen by subscribers. The length of the primary video is one minute. There is also a more condensed version of The Cooldown that lasts just ten seconds that is referred to as “Highlights.”

Peloton’s “Cooldown” produces a picture that is both an overview and a sample when it is played in its “Highlights” edition. The information that is shown includes the total number of miles run, the number of badges that were obtained, the no of workout days over the year, the total number of hours spent working out, and your highest class type.

Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review
Number of hours cycling for the year
Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review
Number of hours for the year.

How do you access the cooldown page?

Peloton provides several different entry points via which you may access your Cooldown.

  • One option is to visit the new URL that has been provided for the cooldown, which can be found at

Alternately, you must be able to discover a new section for “Cooldown” either in the app that you use or on the website that Peloton maintains.

  • Click on the “Profile” option inside the app on either your iOS or Android device.
  • At the very top of the page, between the Overview and Workouts tabs, there ought to be a tab titled “Cooldown.”
  • You may get to it in the same manner by using a web browser to visit the members-only website.
Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review
The Cooldown highlighting my favorite coach of the year 2022.
Check Your 2022 Peloton Cooldown Review
The featured artist workout I toke the most

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