Peloton New Apparel Collection Alert

If you were unaware, Peloton Apparel just unveiled a new line designed to assist members in noting and commemorating important life events. Members have the opportunity to “display their devotion on their sleeves” with the brand new Milestone Collection, which has four shirts commemorating 100, 500, and 1000 exercises completed.

As part of the “7 Days of Surprises” Christmas campaign, Peloton posted the announcement on the Instagram account that they use for their Peloton Apparel brand.

Peloton New Apparel Collection Alert

The following is a list of the three new products:

  • Classic long-sleeve shirt of Reach 100.
  • Pullover raglan hoodie with the “Reach 500.”
  • Pullover hoodie commemorating the achievement of reaching 1000.
  • Besides the upcoming design for the long-sleeve shirt, the classic short-sleeve century shirt may also be purchased for the price of $30. 

The retail price of the Reach 1000 & 500 crewnecks is $68 apiece, while the retail price of the Reach 100 shirt is $54. Peloton Apparel’s online store currently offers all of the available products for sale.

Peloton New Apparel Collection Alert

To the best of our knowledge, when a member reaches their 100th cycling class, they will continue to be eligible for a complimentary “Century Club” t-shirt.

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