Peloton Announces New “College Strategy” & Other Upcoming University Collaborations 

Peloton revealed today their new “college strategy,” outlining plans to collaborate with universities, colleges, and even individual athletes. 

Latest News – The University of Michigan Bike is now on the market.  

According to the official announcement, their objective is to: 

Introduce the brand’s engaging and effective workouts to campuses by offering top-notch content, co-branded Peloton Bikes, and enhanced on-site experiences. Expanding on the brand’s dedication to empower individuals universally, Peloton’s campus initiatives aim to bring the enchantment of Peloton to students, alumni, and enthusiasts nationwide, following three key principles. 

Peloton has announced plans to collaborate with several universities and colleges soon. They’ve kickstarted this initiative by partnering with the University of Michigan. Peloton will be visible on game sidelines, in social media posts, and through NIL partnerships with athletes. 

This unique partnership involves introducing co-branded Peloton Bikes on football sidelines, replacing the current aerobic bikes at the Big House. These bikes will also be available in various Michigan Athletics training facilities, though they won’t be up for sale. Peloton aims to support University of Michigan football, basketball, hockey, and Olympic Sports teams and engage fans with fitness instruction, co-branded content, and in-venue activations. Peloton will power Michigan Football Cinematic Game Recaps on and social platforms. Additionally, they will sponsor “The Maize Rage,” the student cheering section at Michigan men’s and women’s basketball games. 

In an effort to expand their reach, Peloton will include Michigan student-athlete influencers in a broader name, image, and likeness (NIL) campaign. This strategy aims to connect with students, alumni, and fans, creating brand awareness, encouraging participation in promotional activities, and motivating them to pursue their fitness goals. 

With the Peloton University of Michigan collaboration and upcoming college partnerships, Peloton aims to raise awareness in three ways: through co-branded connections, discounted app subscriptions, and student-athlete social media content. 

Co-Branded Connections: Peloton will team up with colleges, offering opportunities for joint branding on Bikes and apparel. In-game activations and special appearances by Peloton Instructors will be part of the collaboration. Peloton plans to integrate Connected Fitness Units (CFUs) in college facilities and may provide co-branded Bikes for purchase or refurbished equipment rental. Exclusive benefits for students, alumni, and fans will also be developed. 


Discounted App Subscriptions: Peloton is offering a special rate of $6.99/month for Peloton’s App One tier to active undergrad and graduate students nationwide. This discounted subscription provides access to fitness content tailored for their active lifestyles. K-12 teachers, college educators, and administrators can also enjoy discounted offers on Peloton’s connected fitness products. 

Social Media Involvement: As part of its commitment to support everyone, Peloton will expand creator partnerships to feature college student athletes on social media. These collaborations aim to share Peloton’s fitness expertise with sports-minded Gen Z students, fans, and alumni, reaching a broader audience. 

This latest project is a component of the recently updated “Peloton Business” section of the company, which they unveiled just a week ago. In the previous month, Peloton hinted on their social media about unique bike colors, and we’re still anticipating more information on that particular undertaking. 

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