Daniel McKenna’s Classes were Removed from Peloton Library

Peloton has eliminated every one of former instructor Daniel McKenna’s lessons that were previously available in its on-demand library. On December 2, 2022, they vanished without a trace. This came as a result of the announcement that Peloton and McKenna asked to dismiss and drop the termination case that he had filed in October against Peloton.

Before some of his classes were taken away, Daniel was enrolled in quite a few courses spanning a variety of subject areas. There were at minimum 103 strength courses, 33 Tread Training, and at least 33 runs that were deleted, in addition to several stretching sessions and outdoor workouts.

What happened regarding the lawsuit?

He took legal action, saying that he was wrongfully fired, subjected to harassment and discrimination and that he was retaliated against.

Peloton was given further time to respond until December 5, which ultimately led to the termination of the litigation and the claimants’ decision to drop their claims.

By August of 2021, this has been the first large purging of classrooms that have taken place. Peloton has, over several years, routinely removed lessons from its collection. 2019 was the year that saw the most significant cleanup. It was around this period that roughly 65 percent of the on-demand library was withdrawn by Peloton as a result of the music rights dispute brought by the NMPA.

The reasons behind the removal of McKenna’s lessons, on the other hand, are not typical of those surrounding the discontinuation of sessions at Peloton. Within the span of the previous year and a half, there have been three more instructors who have left their positions. Some of the names include Chase Tucker, Marina Andresen, and Irene Scholz, although all of their lessons may still be taken according to students’ interests.

Previously, Peloton had terminated Jennifer Jacobs’ classes a year after she had left the company. Because of the events following Oliver Lee’s departure, Peloton pulled his lessons from the on-demand library as soon as they were made aware of them.

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