Daniel McKenna’s Lawsuit Against Peloton Is Dismissed

According to a new document that was submitted today, Daniel McKenna and Peloton are asking to withdraw and dismiss the termination action that Daniel McKenna has filed against Peloton and Jen Cotter. This implies that Daniel is prohibited from bringing the same allegations against Peloton in a subsequent proceeding.

All Daniel McKenna lessons were withdrawn from Peloton platforms not long after the dismissal of the case was issued.

Ben Boyd, Snr. VC in Global Communications released the following quote:

We are delighted to share the news that Daniel McKenna dropped his lawsuit with prejudice against Peloton and Jen Cotter. The first news regarding filing came as a complete shock to us, and it caused us a great deal of sadness as well. It should be made clear that Peloton&Jen categorically refuted the charges and planned to mount an aggressive defense against them. To our great relief, there won’t be any need for it at all. Peloton’s primary goal is and will continue to be, enabling its users to be the very best versions of themselves, wherever they may be.

Daniel McKenna’s Lawsuit Against Peloton Is Dismissed

Although it is not explicitly mentioned in the court document, it seems that McKenna and Peloton have reached a settlement and agreement throughout ongoing conversations. As a result, there is no need for the court case to continue, which is something that often occurs in cases of this kind.

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