Erik Jäger & Sam Yo Are Newest Power Zone Training Coaches for Peloton

Exciting news for the Power Zone pack! Peloton has recently introduced two new instructors to their team. Today marks the beginning of Sam Yo and Erik Jäger’s journey as Power Zone ride instructors.

Earlier today, during one of his classes, Matt Wilpers dropped a hint about a significant Power Zone announcement. We shared on social media that one of the announcements would be Erik teaching Power Zone classes in the German language. However, it turns out that Sam Yo is also joining in on the fun.

Erik Jäger & Sam Yo

To kick things off, ten new classes have been released on demand at 9:30am and 10:30am EST on Wednesday, June 29. Five classes each from Erik Jager and Sam are now available, covering a range of Power Zone categories such as Power Zone Beginner, Power Zone Endurance, Power Zone Max, and Peloton FTP test rides. The class durations vary from 15 to 60 minutes.

Eager participants can already find Peloton Power Zone classes scheduled with Erik, and it’s likely that live classes with Sam will be added in the near future.

It’s worth noting that Erik is the first German instructor to teach Power Zone classes, while Sam is the second instructor from the U.K. to join the Power Zone team, following Ben Alldis, who began teaching Power Zone rides back in April 2021.

With the addition of Erik and Sam, Peloton now boasts a strong lineup of Power Zone coaches, including Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, Christine D’Ercole, Olivia Amato, and Ben Alldis. The team continues to grow, bringing diverse expertise and fresh perspectives to the Power Zone community.


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