Holiday Celebrations are Organized at Peloton NY Studios

This next weekend, Peloton will celebrate the holidays with members who are signed up for in-person lessons by throwing parties in its New York location. Peloton contacted all of the members who were participating by email.

This coming weekend at Peloton Studios in New York, we cannot wait to meet you. We wished to reach out to you now to let you know about some extra events that will be occurring on our Plaza level throughout the weekend. To help you get into the spirit of the Christmas season, on December 16-18 from 9 AM to 1 PM, we will be finally opening our Plaza level for a variety of festive activities and celebrations.

Holiday Celebrations are Organized at Peloton NY Studios

Members who want to attend in-person sessions throughout this weekend, either in the earlier morning or late afternoon, are strongly advised to include additional time in their schedules to accommodate their visits to the studio. It is important to remember that the plaza floor is accessible to the general public; so, even if you are not enrolled in any classes while you are in New York, you will still be able to take part in the celebrations.

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