Peloton Announced New Interim CEO of Precor

Peloton has a new CEO in place at Precor in an interim position. They paid a total of $420 million to formally buy the commercial fitness equipment manufacturer known as Precor in April 2021. Dustin Grosz, who most recently held the positions of President and COO at Core Health and Fitness, has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Precor until a permanent replacement can be found.

In addition, Peloton stated that starting January 6, 2023, Betsy Webb would step down from her position as Vice President of Peloton Commercial. This role was partially responsible for managing the Precor subsidiary in addition to its other duties.

Peloton now has manufacturing facilities in the United States after it purchases Precor. Yet, they made the announcement earlier this summer that they will be handing over all of their production responsibilities to other parties.

This news of the interim CEO assignment was revealed by Club Industry, along with a remark from Ben Boyd, President of Global Communications, who said:

The plan was to manage Precor to benefit Precor. The first step in defining what it means was taking this action.

The health club operators and owners who are Precor’s clients are the primary centers of attention when it comes to service and support. This is done so that the health club managers and owners may provide the most effective solutions for their customers.

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