Join Peloton 2023 Annual Challenge

Peloton has announced that it would be continuing its “Annual Challenge” for the year 2023, which is also referred to as The Annual 2023. Under the “upcoming” tab on the challenges website, members may now read information about the Annual Challenge for 2023 and choose whether or not to participate. The following is the description:

A challenge that lasts a whole year and assists you in developing successful habits. You’ll develop the self-control and consistency necessary to start and sustain a physically active way of life. If you want your minutes to count toward the challenge, you may do so by taking any session on the Bike, Tread, or Peloton app.

Join Peloton 2023 Annual Challenge

The Annual Challenge, which is currently in its fourth year, is a competition that evaluates members’ current total minutes for each of the many modalities that are offered on the Peloton platform. Badges may be earned by members for total minutes played ranging from 1,000 to 20,000, with a total of 13 levels available to choose from.

Since the beginning of the Annual Challenge, Peloton has been gradually increasing the total number of badges that participants may earn. In the first year of the year 2020, the badges were only good for up to 5,000 minutes, but in August of that year, they were increased to 10,000 minutes. The 2021 Annual Challenge once offered badges for a maximum of 15,000 minutes of activity before it was discontinued.

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