Marge gets a Peloton Bike in latest ‘Simpsons’ episode

It was only a matter time before The Simpsons made fun of the Peloton-led at-home fitness movement. The story revolves around Homer’s birthday gift for Marge in the latest episode The Simpsons. The gift was none but the famous “Pedalon”.

The Simpsons is unabashed in its mockery of the Peloton company and its culture. It’s spot-on, from Homer being upsold ridiculously expensive accessories to Marge’s dependence on one of the Peloton instructors.

Marge gets a Peloton Bike in latest ‘Simpsons’ episode

It’s not Sex and the City/Big Death but it has its humorous moments. Below is a short clip from the show:

It wouldn’t be The Simpsons if there wasn’t some chaos. Marge eventually watches a private Pedalon session (only $299!) during which Homer fights the Pedalon instructor for seducing Marge.

Did you catch the episode? Let us know which part you liked the most!

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