Olivia Amato: Tread & Strength Instructor at Peloton

Meet Olivia Amato, a highly sought-after Peloton instructor renowned for her expertise in cycling, running, and strength training. However, her journey to becoming a fitness sensation took an unexpected turn.

During her formative years, Amato discovered her passion for sports and excelled in various team activities such as lacrosse, field hockey, cheerleading, and track. These experiences instilled in her a competitive spirit and a drive to push her limits.

Initially, Amato embarked on a career path in finance, drawn to the world of numbers and analytics. But deep down, she felt an unshakeable yearning for something more fulfilling and physically challenging. Recognizing her burning desire for a change, she took a leap of faith and transitioned to the realm of fitness.

In 2018, fate led Amato to Peloton, where she found her true calling. The Peloton website sheds light on her impressive background in boxing and cycling, providing insight into why her classes are renowned for their intense nature. Amato’s unique blend of skills and expertise makes her sessions some of the most demanding and rewarding on the Peloton app.

As of now, Amato has an astounding portfolio of over 350 cycling classes, 280 running classes, and 140 strength classes on Peloton. Moreover, she holds the esteemed title of one of the seven Power Zone instructors at the fitness company, a testament to her dedication and proficiency.

Now, you might be wondering how Amato successfully transitioned from the finance industry to the fitness world and ultimately emerged as one of Peloton’s most beloved trainers. The following is the remarkable account of her inspiring journey.

Olivia Amato: Brief Biography

Full NameOlivia Amato Waldron
Date of birth8 August 1991
Olivia Amato Age32 years old
Place of birthNew York, USA
Olivia Amato Height168cm / 5ft 6ins
Olivia Amato HusbandDaniel Waldron
ProfessionPeloton instructor

Social Media Profiles

Who is Olivia Amato?

Early Life, Parents and Upbringing

Olivia Amato, a native of New York, entered this world on the 8th of August, 1991. Multiple online sources indicate that she proudly embraces her Italian-American heritage, adding a touch of cultural richness to her background.

During her vibrant childhood, Amato immersed herself in a diverse range of sports, including lacrosse, field hockey, cheerleading, and track. Her versatility shone through her participation in boxing and cycling, showcasing her passion for various athletic endeavors.

Olivia Amato

In a captivating interview on The Adam Schein Podcast in May 2022, Amato shared her deep-rooted love for team sports during her formative years. She expressed her fondness for being part of a team, highlighting it as her favorite activity.

Amato’s exceptional athletic abilities were evident throughout her high school days. She earned the impressive distinction of being a two-time all-state field hockey player and an accomplished track runner, garnering recognition at the county level.

Continuing her educational journey at Fordham College in the Bronx, Amato discovered her aptitude for numbers. She excelled in her studies, particularly in the field of finance. Guided by her counselor’s suggestion, she set her sights on a career on Wall Street, enticed by the competitive nature of the industry.

Majoring in Finance and minoring in Business Administration, Amato found herself thriving in her chosen field. Graduating in 2014, she secured a coveted finance internship during her senior year, which seamlessly transitioned into a full-time position after completing her studies.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Amato’s excellence extended to cheerleading. She achieved a remarkable milestone by winning a National Championship with Fordham, further highlighting her dedication and commitment to achieving greatness in all aspects of her life.

Life Before Peloton

After completing her successful internship, Olivia ventured into the realm of sales and trading at Jefferies Finance, where she spent a couple of fruitful years. Reflecting on her experience, she acknowledged the coolness of the opportunity but also realized that her passion for the financial markets might not be as deep as she initially thought.

During her tenure at Jefferies, Amato discovered an intriguing observation. As part of her responsibilities, she interacted with clients and noticed a growing trend among younger clients. They found equal enjoyment in attending fitness classes as they did in going to concerts or dining out. This realization sparked an idea within Amato, and she began forming a group of like-minded, health-conscious clients who preferred engaging in workouts and savoring nutritious smoothies as a new form of networking.

To her surprise, this unique aspect of her job quickly became Amato’s favorite part of the day. She found herself researching instructors before attending classes, envisioning herself in their position. Eventually, a decisive moment arrived when she made the resolute choice to pursue her newfound passion.

When Amato revealed her career shift from finance to fitness to her parents, their reactions were a mix of concern and support. Initially, her family felt nervous about her leaving a stable finance job. They expressed confusion, questioning why they had invested significant resources into her education only to see her embark on a different path. They proposed alternative options, attempting to sway her decision. Eventually, however, they embraced her decision and rallied behind her pursuit of a career in fitness.

In 2016, Olivia took the bold step of resigning from her finance job, dedicating herself wholeheartedly to the fitness industry. Swiftly, she secured a position teaching boxing and cycling classes at the gym of her new employer.

Olivia Amato

Looking back, Amato recalled her first year in fitness as a whirlwind. From the day she tendered her resignation, her life was a blur of activity for about a year and a half. Some moments seemed to have passed by in a haze due to the rapid pace of her transformation. She diligently acquired certifications in spinning and boxing, even signing with Wilhelmina, a renowned modeling agency, despite feeling somewhat uncertain about navigating this new territory. Nonetheless, Amato embraced the mantra of “fake it ’til you make it” while relying on her innate ability to motivate others. Although the period was marked by confusion, it also served as a transformative time in her life.

Olivia Amato at Peloton

In a serendipitous turn of events, Olivia found herself joining the Peloton team after catching the attention of fellow Peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy during her cycling classes in 2018. Kennedy, a regular attendee of Amato’s spin sessions, recognized her talent and extended an invitation for an audition with Peloton.

The Peloton website aptly describes Olivia’s classes as centered around a true team mentality, where each participant wholeheartedly commits to the collective experience of the workout. This emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie creates a unique and motivating environment.

During a conversation on The Adam Schein Podcast in 2022, Amato shared her perspective on being a part of the Peloton family. Leading by example holds immense importance for her, as she believes in showing up for others just as she encourages them to show up for themselves. She sees herself as a team captain, with Peloton members as the invaluable team players. Being part of the Peloton family means having a global community of individuals cheering one another on. The comfort of knowing that you are never alone, with the ability to receive words of encouragement or a virtual high five, resonates deeply within this community. Peloton provides the platform for these connections to flourish.

Olivia’s versatility shines through as she teaches cycling, treadmill, and strength classes, making her one of the select few Peloton instructors to excel in all three disciplines. Those who have experienced her classes are familiar with her affinity for Justin Bieber’s music. When it comes to curating playlists for her sessions, Amato shared that her musical choices vary depending on whether she is teaching a cycling class or a treadmill class. Recognizing the significance of music, she selects more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for her treadmill classes to match the energy of running. In cycling classes, she embraces the freedom to incorporate a diverse range of musical genres, ensuring members enjoy a well-rounded experience.

Olivia Amato

Amidst the rhythm and beats, Olivia Amato brings her passion for fitness, her dedication to leading by example, and her unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of community within the Peloton family.

You can find Olivia’s Spotify playlist here.

Olivia Amato Outside of Peloton

Olivia Amato possesses multiple certifications, including being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, an RRCA run coach, and a Wilhelmina model, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the fitness industry.

When she’s not inspiring Peloton members with her dynamic classes, Olivia can be found enjoying downtime in her New York City apartment, often accompanied by her beloved dog, Tobi. Reflecting on the impact of her Peloton journey, Amato shared with Shape magazine the surreal experience of being recognized by fans while going about her daily routine. Even during a simple act like picking up after her dog, she is humbled by the connection she has with her audience, a testament to the reach and influence of their collective efforts in helping and inspiring others.

Revealing a playful anecdote, Olivia disclosed to Peloton’s website that her first spoken word as a child was “doggy,” highlighting her lifelong affinity for and love of dogs. It comes as no surprise that these furry companions hold a special place in her heart.

Beyond her passion for fitness, Amato indulges in various other interests. She finds joy in fashion, cherishes quality time with her family, prioritizes skincare, appreciates the outdoors, and unabashedly embraces her enthusiasm for nurturing a collection of plants—a self-proclaimed “crazy plant lady.”

Amato’s influence extends beyond the Peloton platform, as she serves as a brand ambassador for renowned companies such as Puma, Athletic Greens, and Nuun. Her partnership with these notable brands further solidifies her role as a trusted figure within the fitness and wellness sphere.

In September 2021, Olivia Amato became engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Daniel Waldron, marking a significant milestone in her personal life. The couple exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony at Adear Manor in County Clare, Ireland, on July 16, 2022. Notably, several of Amato’s Peloton colleagues, including Wilpers, D’Ercole, and Aditi Shah, graced the occasion with their presence, highlighting the close-knit community fostered among Peloton instructors. Daniel, originally from Galway and currently working in finance in New York, often features in Olivia’s social media posts. However, Amato values her privacy and chooses to keep her inner circle relatively small, comprising long-standing friends and family members who share a deep bond based on trust and mutual support.

Following her marriage, Olivia updated her Instagram profile name to reflect her new status, now known as Olivia Amato Waldron, commemorating the union of two souls intertwined in love and shared aspirations.

Olivia Amato husband

What Does Olivia Amato Teach at Peloton?

Olivia Amato is one of the hottest Peloton trainers for Tread & Strength. She has a background in fitness, dance, and Pilates, and she specializes in helping people to move their bodies in the most efficient way possible.

In her Peloton classes, Olivia teaches people how to use the treadmill and strength-training equipment in order to get the most out of their workouts. She focuses on proper form and technique so that her students can stay safe and avoid injury while still getting an amazing workout.

Olivia’s classes are high-energy and fun, but they are also challenging. Her students always leave feeling sweaty and accomplished, knowing that they have put in the work to reach their fitness goals.

olivia amato peloton yoga coach

Peloton Power Zone

In January 2020, Olivia became a valuable addition to Peloton’s esteemed Peloton Power Zone team, joining forces with Christine D’Ercole, Matt Wilpers, Ben Alldis, and Denis Morton. Together, they embarked on a mission to revolutionize fitness through Power Zone Training.

Power Zone Training revolves around the concept of intentional training, emphasizing the metric of output or power, which is determined by the combination of cadence and resistance. This methodology provides an effective tool for enhancing fitness levels and tracking progress over time. Peloton acknowledges the immense benefits of Power Zone Training in improving overall fitness and offers three distinct programs: Discover Your Power Zones, Build Your Power Zones, and Peak Your Power Zones.

As of the current time, Olivia has impressively contributed over 40 Power Zone classes, all available for Peloton members to experience and enjoy within the app. These classes provide an opportunity to engage with Power Zone Training, allowing individuals to optimize their workouts and witness tangible advancements in their fitness journeys.

Puma Creates Collection with Peloton’s Olivia Amato

Olivia Amato has garnered considerable recognition for her signature one-shoulder sports bras, which she wears while leading classes for her dedicated Peloton followers. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Puma has integrated this distinct style into the first-ever apparel collection designed exclusively for Amato. While she has served as an ambassador for the brand since late 2021, this marks her inaugural signature line.

Puma Peloton

The Puma x Olivia Amato collection, carefully crafted for both gym and streetwear, features a range of pieces, including a varsity jacket, an oversized vintage-inspired bomber jacket with contrasting sleeves, a cropped running top, running tights, and, of course, the coveted sports bras. These sports bras proudly display Amato’s initials alongside Puma’s iconic leaping cougar logo. Reflecting on the collaboration, Amato expressed her delight, describing the process as an incredible experience and a realization of her dreams. The aim was to combine elevated performance wear with street style, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition from a workout session to their everyday routines.

Puma Peloton
The cropped sweatshirt from the Puma x Olivia Amato collection. AARON HEWITT

Amato, who boasts over 400,000 followers on Instagram, joins fellow Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint, whose Game Speed Ahead collection of training and streetwear recently debuted. The Puma x Olivia Amato collection will be available for purchase at a price range of $40 to $85, both on the Puma website and at their flagship store in New York City, starting from Monday. It’s worth noting that Amato’s connection to the fashion world extends beyond this collaboration. She is married to Daniel Waldron, the co-founder of Alexander Nash, a distinguished men’s bespoke suit company.

Interview with Women’s Health Magazine: What Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato Eats In A Day

Peloton instructor Olivia Amato never anticipated the extent to which she would inspire people worldwide through her greatest passion. Growing up in New York, Olivia excelled in various sports such as field hockey, lacrosse, track, and cheerleading during her high school and college years. After spending a few years working on Wall Street, transitioning into the fitness industry felt like a natural progression for her.

In the past, Olivia used to take her clients to different workout classes and then engage in market discussions over a refreshing green juice. The 31-year-old former equity sales trader shared with Women’s Health that she became captivated by fitness and noticed a significant improvement in her overall well-being whenever she had a class to look forward to. This realization motivated her to pursue her passion wholeheartedly.

Being an athlete, Olivia understands the importance of maintaining high energy levels, which also influences her dietary choices. While she pays attention to what she eats, she firmly believes in not depriving herself when she experiences cravings. In fact, she openly admits to having a strong affinity for sweet treats—a sentiment many can relate to.

During her upbringing, Olivia had strict dietary rules and would feel guilty whenever she consumed something deemed “unhealthy.” Over time, she embarked on a journey to establish a healthier relationship with food. Olivia is cautious of fad diets and avoids prescribing specific eating habits to others, given how negatively diet trends impacted her own life.

Acknowledging that she is not a nutritionist, Olivia emphasizes the uniqueness of every individual’s body and the influence of their level of physical activity on their dietary requirements. She wishes to reinforce the message that everyone’s dietary needs differ, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Olivia Amato strongly believes that the food we consume significantly impacts our mental well-being. Advocating for mental wellness, she collaborated with UrbanStems, a floral delivery company, on World Mental Health Day to promote mental health resources and support for all.

Olivia’s mantra is “everything in moderation.” She encourages people to honor their body’s cravings and indulge when necessary. She believes that while we work hard, we tend to be excessively critical of ourselves. Recognizing the incredible capabilities of our bodies, Olivia aims to shift her focus away from obsessing over every food choice.

If you’re curious to learn about the eating habits of this beloved Peloton instructor, particularly how she stays energized and satisfies her sweet tooth, Olivia sat down with Women’s Health to divulge her daily food intake. Continue reading for all the exciting details.


Prior to even contemplating breakfast, Olivia’s morning routine involves taking her dogs, Tobi and her new puppy Rue, for a walk. “As soon as I wake up, I ground myself by thinking of something I’m grateful for. Then, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and immediately head out with the dogs,” she explains.

Olivia Amato

Upon returning from their walk, Olivia’s first order of business is hydrating herself with a glass of water infused with caffeinated electrolytes. She then proceeds to hop on her Peloton bike or treadmill to lead her first class. Given her early morning teaching schedule, Olivia prefers to have breakfast after her workout. “I don’t feel comfortable running or cycling on a full stomach,” she confesses.

When it comes to her preferred post-workout meal, Olivia gravitates towards a protein-packed green smoothie. “I like to add Athletic Greens Powder to it because it provides a variety of nutrients in a single scoop,” she shares. On days when she has a long run ahead, Olivia pairs her smoothie with a bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruit. Another one of her favorites is egg whites accompanied by creamy avocado. “Those are my top three choices,” she reveals.


Olivia Amato, speaking to WH, reveals her typical lunch preference to be a hearty salad enriched with a protein source such as tofu or chicken. However, her recent culinary infatuation lies with a delightful bean salad, tantalizingly marinated with peppers and tomatoes, accompanied by crispy crackers.

When it comes to selecting greens, Olivia appreciates the satisfying crunch of romaine lettuce but also incorporates nutrient-dense options like spinach and kale. And let’s not overlook the inclusion of broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers in her vibrant salad creation. These ingredients are essential additions to her wholesome lunchtime ensemble.


Olivia has developed a fondness for incorporating healthy snacks into her daily routine, tailoring them to her schedule and appetite. She acknowledges that her hunger and cravings for snacks intensify on days when she engages in more physical activity or has a busier agenda.

Lately, Olivia Amato has been particularly drawn to the savory combination of carrots or celery paired with hummus. It satisfies her cravings and provides a nutritious option. When she desires a touch of sweetness, she indulges in Justin’s Almond Butter, often accompanied by crisp apple slices. Olivia also mentions that she occasionally prepares smoothies if she missed having one for breakfast, ensuring she maintains a well-rounded snack selection.

Interestingly, Olivia’s ultimate favorite snack happens to align with many others: popcorn. She shares the sentiment of delight in opting for a simple bowl of plain popcorn when she craves a salty treat. It’s a straightforward yet immensely satisfying choice for her snack cravings.


When it’s time for dinner, Olivia, being a busy and accomplished individual, often opts for ordering food or allows her husband, Daniel Waldron, to take charge in the kitchen. Olivia expresses her admiration for her husband’s culinary skills, emphasizing that he is a talented cook.

On occasions, Olivia Amato assumes the role of a sous chef, collaborating with her husband to prepare meals together. With the temperature dropping in New York, they find comfort in making bean or chicken noodle soup, utilizing gluten-free noodles. Tacos also hold a special place in their hearts as one of their favorite meals. Olivia delights in the fact that homemade tacos and quesadillas offer the freedom to select precisely what ingredients to include.

Olivia Amato

Curiosity may arise regarding Olivia’s preference for hard or soft taco shells, and the answer is that she enjoys both options. When it comes to taco fillings, they incorporate peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and, naturally, guacamole. Olivia and her husband take pleasure in mashing avocados to create their homemade guacamole. Lately, they have been inclining towards ground turkey as their choice of animal protein, as Olivia prefers lean meats like turkey, chicken, and fish.

When they decide to indulge in takeout, Olivia and her husband often opt for sushi or order from a popular New York City restaurant chain called Westville. Olivia appreciates Westville’s vegetable marketplace and typically selects a protein plate accompanied by two vegetable sides, a combination she truly enjoys.

Breakfast for dinner is another delightful option for Olivia. She occasionally prepares a satisfying meal consisting of eggs with avocado and turkey bacon, a delectable combination that she finds particularly appealing.


Olivia Amato openly admits to having a well-known sweet tooth, a fact many people are aware of. Among the vast array of candy choices available, she has a personal fondness for the tangy and vibrant varieties. While Olivia acknowledges her affinity for sour candies, she emphasizes the importance of enjoying them in moderation and not indulging every day.

In addition to her appreciation for sour candies, Olivia also holds a special affection for frozen treats. Specifically, she finds delight in ice cream pops offered by the plant-based pop brand, GoodPop. Among their selection, Olivia particularly enjoys the delectable flavors of their strawberry shortcake pop and the satisfying cookies n’ cream variant. These frozen treats provide her with moments of pure enjoyment.


Olivia understands the importance of staying hydrated and makes a conscious effort to drink an ample amount of water. Occasionally, she adds a touch of adventure to her hydration routine by enjoying hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Interestingly, Olivia reveals that she doesn’t have a preference for flavored drinks or sodas, and she’s uncertain about the reason behind it. She acknowledges having her own indulgences but emphasizes that flavored drinks or sodas are not among them.

However, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, Olivia Amato has a clear favorite: a nice glass of red wine. She expresses her enjoyment of this particular choice. On the topic of cocktails, Olivia mentions that she’s been on a quest to discover her signature mixed drink, but hasn’t found one that she’s truly obsessed with yet.

During her conversation with Women’s Health Magazine, they suggested Olivia try a caipirinha, a delightful Brazilian cocktail crafted with cachaça, brown sugar, and lime. However, she hasn’t explored it yet and currently sticks to a dirty martini with vodka if she decides to order a mixed drink. She humorously mentions her preference for an extremely dirty martini, where the vodka is hidden beneath the intensity of the other ingredients. Olivia takes note of the suggestion and appreciates the input for future reference.

What the Peloton Community Has to Say About Olivia Amato?

In 2021, an ardent Peloton member took to Reddit to express their admiration for Olivia Amato. They described her as fun, challenging, and noted her exceptional ability to curate captivating playlists. The Redditor also highlighted the versatility of Peloton’s instructors, mentioning their recent discoveries of instructors like Chase, who delivered an invigorating pop punk run, and Selena, who made a progression run feel effortless. However, Olivia remained a consistent favorite, consistently pushing them to their limits. The Redditor had previously explored classes with new instructors but found themselves rediscovering their appreciation for the OG favorites.

Another Reddit user chimed in, recognizing Olivia’s tenacity and strength. They described her as a powerhouse disguised in beauty, emphasizing that her appearance should not deceive anyone. With each ride, run, or floor exercise, Olivia’s workouts were nothing short of intense. The user particularly mentioned her core exercises, claiming that they were challenging but effective in sculpting a six-pack. They regarded working out with Olivia as a valuable benchmarking experience, showcasing the transformative impact of her sessions on one’s fitness journey.

olivia amato peloton coach

Final Thoughts

Olivia Amato is a tread and strength instructor at Peloton. She is also a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutrition coach. Olivia has a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals and improve their overall health and well-being.

Olivia Amato is a great option if you’re looking for someone to help you get in shape and improve your health. She has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals, and she’s also passionate about helping people improve their overall health and well-being. Download Peloton today to schedule an online session with Olivia Amato!


What sport did Olivia Amato play?

At the forefront of the fitness scene, Olivia Amato has established herself as both a highly popular Peloton instructor and a prominent social media influencer. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Olivia’s journey as an accomplished athlete began early in life, where she showcased her exceptional skills in field hockey and lacrosse.

What nationality is Olivia Amato?

Born on the 8th of August in New York, Olivia Amato is a remarkable individual with Italian-American heritage, as confirmed by various online sources. Her background adds a distinctive cultural richness to her identity, contributing to the unique tapestry of her life and experiences.

Who did Olivia Amato marry?

Olivia Amato, a celebrated Peloton instructor, and her partner, Daniel Waldron, recently celebrated their wedding in a captivating weekend event held in the scenic landscapes of Ireland. The couple’s nuptials were splendid, infused with rich traditions, melodic harmonies, and unforgettable fashion statements that left a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Where did Olivia Amato work?

Upon completing her education, she embarked on a professional venture in the bustling realm of Wall Street, specifically in Sales and Trading. Beginning her career in the domain of equity sales, she gradually transitioned to the dynamic field of equity sales-trading. Although captivated by the interpersonal connections fostered by her role, Olivia found herself unable to endure the sedentary nature of spending 10-12 hours confined to a desk.

Where did Olivia Amato cheer?

Her cheerleading journey extended beyond expectations, culminating in her enrollment at Fordham University, where she led her team to an unforgettable triumph, securing a national championship.

How Tall Is Olivia Amato?

Olivia Amato is 5ft 6ins (168cm)

How Old Is Olivia Amato?

Olivia Amato was born on 8 August 1991; she is 32 years old.

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