Matt Wilpers and Ash Pryor’s scenic Peloton rowing classes recorded from California (Mission Bay, San Diego)

We are starting to see the Peloton Rower in members’ houses. This is a sign that more content will be coming to this platform. Peloton announced over the weekend that they will add more guided scenic rowing classes to their platform.

There are already some scenic classes offered by The Peloton Row. However, these are not the time- or distance-based classes that have a coach to guide you through the workout. Guided scenic classes will have a coach at the location or on the water leading you to a certain destination.

The first Peloton scenic row session will be held in Mission Bay, San Diego, California. We had previously mentioned that Matt & Ash would host a meet & greet at San Diego. They have now shared that they had recorded some scenic rowing classes in California during the week.

Matt Wilpers spoke the following regarding the new guided scenic rowing workout for Peloton.

This is it! !

Just completed a week filming guided scenic rowing in Mission Bay, California with @ashpryor_thatsme for @onepeloton

I can hardly wait for you to experience this amazing content! !

Big shoutout to the whole team

Matt Wilpers on location in California for a Peloton Scenic Row. Image credit @mattwilpers IG.
Wilpers on location for a Peloton Scenic Row recording in California. Img. credit @mattwilpers IG.

Keep in mind that there won’t be many guided scenic classes for the new rowing machine. Peloton offers the same guided scenic classes for the Tread & Bike, but only adds two to three classes every few months. This is the same pace we would expect for new classes in Peloton Guided Scenic Rows.

This will be a major marketing differentiator between Peloton & Hydrow. Hydrow recently unveiled a lower-cost model. The majority of Hydrow’s classes are held outdoors on lakes and rivers. Peloton will hold most of their classes in the studio, just like the members do on the Tread & Bike.

Ash Pryor sent a lengthier message that ended with the words “Scenic coming shortly …” She stated:

“Whether rowing on land or on water, it’s the endless excitement of learning more about myself that I adore most. For me, “showing up” and “putting in the effort” is not about being the best or the PR. It’s believing that I can find a way through the struggles, even when it seems impossible. I am left with a lesson, new coping skills and a new strategy.

Unfiltered honesty is what I get from the rowing machine and boat. It doesn’t care what my feelings are, it just gives me the truth. It is important to center yourself when you are on water. Sometimes the water can be so rough that you wonder “Why did I do this?”

“Can’t I do this?”

“Oh, no! How do I get out of this?

There are two options: you can choose to stop, but what next? Or you can keep going and build momentum, getting past the bumps. After a while, you can adapt to the rough water. It is no longer a barrier. It’s easy to sail on flat water.

Although I may not have the perfect stroke or the fastest speed on the water, I continue to show up and put in the effort for myself, not for others. I am excited to share the lessons I have learned in the studio and on the water with all of you.

I cannot wait to learn how to handle the choppy waters with you guys.

Scenic is coming soon…

Reminder: Since Homecoming 2021, scenic classes were only available to hardware users. There are currently no rowing classes for app-only users. Furthermore, Peloton is talking about a relaunch of the Peloton Digital App next year with new pricing tiers, so there is a possibility that digital users can unlock scenic content at a higher price.

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