Peloton adds Black Friday sale for apparel store

Peloton continues to increase their Black Friday sales and now has a sale on their apparel as well.

Black Friday Sale on Peloton apparel is Up to 70% off select styles and items, only in their shops.

The sale will end on November 27th, according to the firm. Please note that some showrooms may have additional sales or separate sales to the ones listed online.

A variety of brands and items are available. Some items have been restocked overnight to make them available for this sale.

The company has increased its Black Friday deals on the Peloton Guide, Tread Bike and Bike+; they are even offering Black Friday deals for the new Peloton Rowing machine.

Here’s a look at the history of Black Friday sales by Peloton.

You can view the latest Peloton products at Their apparel store.

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