More and More Classes Are Removed in Peloton December Purge

On December 6, 2022, it would seem that the Peloton library underwent another round of culling, this time of courses from the on-demand library.

After the initial purge, there was ultimately a second purge, which resulted in a total of more than 1,000 courses being eliminated. Nearly all of the lessons that previously included music by Kanye West have now been purged.

The business may sometimes remove certain courses from the on-demand library. More than a year has passed since the last significant overall Peloton class purge, which took place in August 2021 and included the elimination of about 338 cycling classes. On the other hand, there was a recent culling of courses taught by the formerly employed teacher Daniel McKenna. The cleanup in December, which is split into two phases, gets rid of extra courses taught by a wide range of teachers.

It does not seem that the date or time of the courses had a significant role in the decision to remove them. Therefore, it is possible that a few artists were deleted from the on-demand library, which resulted in the withdrawal of these courses as a consequence.

Peloton offered the following statement in defense of their decision to take this step: “We do periodically discontinue courses for several reasons including quality, legal or contractual issues, or simply lack utilization by our Members.”

Which Peloton classes have been taken away?

There were around 288 Peloton cycling courses that were discontinued. There were about 57 different tread classifications that were eliminated. The removal of around 65 Peloton strength courses is approximately 1.3% of the total library. In addition to being affected by this purge were about 43 courses from the Tread Bootcamps. The number of classes offered in other categories, such as outdoor jogging, meditation, yoga, and cycling boot camp, has been reduced significantly or eliminated.

Around 50 classes have been eliminated fromthe library of Alex Toussaint, making it the one with the highest proportion of classes that have been deleted. Ben Alldis had the most courses removed in terms of raw numbers, with around 60 classes being deleted, while Robin Arzon had approximately 26 classes deleted.

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