New Challenge: Get up to Get Down

While everyone is resting at home, Peloton is making an effort to keep its members engaged! Lastly, Peloton revealed the “Run 4 Fun” flash challenge as well as the associated badge. As part of this initiative, you will be eligible to get a unique badge if you complete four running lessons (either on a treadmill or outside) by September 5th.

A brand-new flash challenge has begun, and this time it’s called the “Get Up To Get Down”. In the next week, which will come to a conclusion on September 6th, the objective is to participate in four workouts that are performed on the floor.

What kinds of activities count as floor-based workouts?

Any sort of exercise from the following list: strength training, yoga, stretching, meditation, and cardio.

If you are so motivated, you might complete the challenge on Day 1 by meditating continuously for four hours straight during lunch.

New Challenge Get up to Get Down

Peloton provided members who participated in the “Run 4 Fun” challenge a total of 16 days to complete their workouts, but for the “Get Up To Get Down”, you will only have seven days to complete all of the requirements.

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