Peloton’s Run4Fun Flash Challenge

After the success of Pelothon 2020 earlier, Peloton is bringing back a new flash challenge, and this time it’s called Run 4 Fun. The newest challenge is to complete four different running sessions over a span of sixteen days. The time frame extends from the 21st of August to the 5th of September. To fulfill the requirement, you may either attend a lesson in Tread or take outdoor audio courses.

The official release states that participants may take in the fresh summer air by participating in four different running classes throughout sixteen days. You may choose to complete your exercise outdoors with an audio record or instructor-led session, or you can choose to complete an indoor running session instead. If you finish everything between the 21st of August and the 5th of September, you’ll get the next badge.

Run4Fun Flash Challenge

Peloton introduced the concept of flash challenges in February 2020. In the past, there have been a variety of flash challenges, such as “Leap into Action” as well as “Recharge and Restore,” among others.

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