New Featured Artist on Peloton: Kane Brown

Recently, as part of Peloton’s ongoing new artist series, the band will feature the songs of the artist, Kane Brown.

The following is an announcement that was posted on Instagram:

If you listen to the next episode of the Artist Series, you’ll find that you’re at the perfect spot at the perfect moment. Listen to Kane Brown’s country music and let go of your limits.

New Featured Artist on Peloton Kane Brown

On December 7, the Kane Brown Peloton lessons will be made available for download. There will also be a live strength class and ride, in addition to an on-demand rowing option. Examine the workout session list:

  • Matt Wilpers – Kane Brown Row 30 min session – 12/7/22 At 6:00pm ET
  • Logan Aldridge– Kane Brown Arms & Shoulder Strength 20 min session – 12/7/22 At 6:30pm ET
  • Kendall Toole – Kane Brown Ride 30 min session – 12/7/22 At 7:00pm ET

In addition, if you attend any of these sessions, you will be eligible to get an artist series badge.

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