New Flash Challenge from Peloton: Lanebreak

The newest flash challenge from Peloton is now available, and it will provide users the opportunity to earn a badge by logging some time on the Bike to play the Lanebreak video game from Peloton.

According to the official announcement, you must accumulate at least 300,000 points in Lanebreak rides throughout the Challenge to obtain your Bronze badge, and you must accumulate one million points in order to compete for the Gold.

The Peloton Lanebreak flash challenge started on November 27 and continued for a total of one week, coming to a close on December 3.

New Flash Challenge from Peloton Lanebreak 1

How can I participate in this challenge?

Because the Peloton Lanebreak feature is only accessible on the Peloton Bike and Bike+, you will not be able to sign up for this competition via the Peloton app or website. You can only sign up using the touchscreen on the Bike. Additionally, you will be required to take all of your rides there.

The difficulty of the challenge may be broken down into three distinct levels. Over the course of the next week, if you play Lanebreak and achieve the required amount of points, you will be able to obtain the badges listed below:

  • Gold Badge earned after reaching 1,000,000 points.
  • Silver Badge earned after reaching 700,000 points.
  • Bronze Badge earned after reaching 300,000 points.

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