New Focus Flow Peloton Yoga Classes for Riders & Runners

The on-demand library has a new format for yoga classes: “Focus flow: For runners” and “Focus flow: For riders”.

At the time of publication, four new classes are available with Mariana Fernandez and Denis Morton. There are two options: a 10-minute or 20-minute option.

List of peloton yoga focus flow for riders & runners classes

Both classes are meant to use movements that will benefit those who spend time on the Tread or Bike.

Description of the running variation yoga class reads: “This class focuses upon poses that complement your hardwork after a difficult run so you can feel fresh and ready to go for your next training session.”

Description of the cycling variation yoga class reads: “This yoga course focuses on poses to complement your hard work on your Bike so that you can be fresh for your next workout.”

It is not clear at the moment whether these new focus flows will be available moving forward, or if this was a separate on-demand class.

Mariana’s The Approach: Flow to Finish program is a great resource for runners looking for more yoga content. This program was launched earlier in the year. It’s designed for race-training runners.

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