New Peleton Challenge: Scenic Route

Peloton is holding a scenic class challenge in order to commemorate the launch of its newest collection of directed scenic classes, which take place in Iceland and feature Jess Sims and Ben Alldis. The challenge will be active for a total of 28 days. You have the option of participating in any one of the three different kinds of scenic classes: guided, timed to count, or distance.

You may participate in the challenge by downloading the Peloton app, visiting the Peloton website, or using our Peloton Bike or Tread.

Note that despite the fact that the challenge states it will monitor activity on any devices, only Peloton app users cannot expect to be able to participate in this challenge since the newly introduced scenic courses are only accessible on the Bike, Tread, Bike+, and Tread+ platforms.

Peloton The Scenic Route Challenge badge.
Peloton The Scenic Route Challenge badge.

If you are interested in the scenic classes, you may look at the whole list of scenic runs that are available:

List of Peloton’s guıded scenıc runs (ınstructor scenıc runs)

Adrian Williams – 20 min Savannah Run
Becs Gentry – 30 min Oregon Run
Ben Alldis & Jess Sims – 20 min Iceland Hike
Denis Morton – 20 min Monterey Peninsula Run
Emma Lovewell & Becs Gentry – 20 min Oregon Hike
Jess Sims – 30 min Reykjavik Run [Iceland]
Mariana Fernandez – 20 min Puerto Rico Run
Matt Wilpers – 20 min Hawaii Run
Selena Samuela – 20 min New Mexico Run
Susie Chan – 30 min Scotland Ardverikie Estate Run
Susie Chan & Jon Hosking – 30 min Scotland Glencoe Hike

List of Peloton’s distance-based scenic runs

5K Reykjavik Run [Iceland]
5K Oregon Mount Hood Run
5K Oregon Columbia River Gorge Run
5K Monterey Peninsula Run
5K Kualoa Ranch Run
5K Iceland Run
5K Georgia Coastal Creeks Run
5K Big Sur Run
10K Oregon Painted Hills Run
10K Kualoa Ranch Run
10K Iceland Run
10K Aguirre Spring Run
1 Mile Kualoa Ranch Run
1 Mile Iceland Run
1 Mile Hampton Island Preserve Run
1 Mile Ghost Ranch Run
1 Mile Columbia River Gorge Run
1 Mile Big Sur Run

List of Peloton’s time-based scenic runs

60 minutes Peloton scenic runs

60 min Australian Outback Run [Western Australia]
60 min Costa Rica Run [Alajuela]
60 min Iceland Run
60 min New Zealand North Island Run
60 min Normandy Run [France]
60 min Oregon Mount Hood Run
60 min South Island New Zealand Run
60 min Torres del Paine Run [Chile]

45 minutes Peloton scenic runs

45 min Abu Dhabi Run
45 min Canadian Rockies Run [Alberta, Canada]
45 min Khao Sam Roi Yot Beach Run [Thailand]
45 min Panama Run
45 min Patagonia Run [Argentina]

30 minutes Peloton scenic runs

30 min Andalusia Run
30 min Chiang Mai Run [Thailand]
30 min Dubai Creek Run
30 min Golden Gate Bridge Run [San Francisco, California]
30 min Iceland Run
30 min Joshua Tree Run [California]
30 min Macau Run [China]
30 min Oregon Columbia River Gorge Run
30 min Paris Run [France]
30 min Perth Run [Australia]
30 min Sagres Run
30 min Seville Run [Spain]
30 min Singapore Run
30 min Taiwan Taroko National Park Run
30 min Veluwe National Park Run [Netherlands]
30 min Vincentine Coast Run [Portugal]
30 min Zion National Park Run

20 minutes Peloton scenic runs

20 min Adelaide Run [Australia]
20 min Avenue of Giants Run [Redwoods in California]
20 min Chicago Run
20 min Darwin Run [Australia]
20 min Eifel National Park Run [Germany]
20 min Gilman Tunnels Run [New Mexico]
20 min Gold Coast Run [Australia]
20 min Lake Andalusia Run [Spain]
20 min Marina Bay Run [Singapore]
20 min Oregon Wasco County Run
20 min Reykjavik Run [Iceland]
20 min Sagres Forest Run
20 min Steamboat Run [Washington]
20 min Swiss Alps Run [Switzerland]
20 min Towns of the Algarve Run [Portugal]

15 minutes Peloton scenic runs

15 min Cable Beach Run [Australia]
15 min Castile-La Mancha Run
15 min Corsica Run [France]
15 min Faro at Twilight Run [Portugal]
15 min French Alpine Lake Run
15 min Kansas City Run
15 min Melbourne Park Run [Victoria, Australia]
15 min San Clemente Run [California]
15 min Santa Monica Beach Run [California]

10 minutes Peloton scenic runs

10 min Andorra Mountains Run
10 min Antelope Island State Park Run [Utah]
10 min Arezzo Run [Italy]
10 min Aspire Park Run [Doha, Qatar]
10 min Bali Beach Run
10 min Benjakitti Park Run [Thailand]
10 min Crete Lake Run [Greece]
10 min Crete Run [Greece]
10 min Dolomites Run [Italy]
10 min Lake Como at Dusk Run
10 min Manama Bahrain Run
10 min Melbourne at Night Run [Australia]
10 min New York City Run
10 min Newport Beach Run [California]
10 min Oxygen Park Run [Doha, Qatar]
10 min Route 66 Run [St. Louis, Missouri]
10 min San Diego Run [California]
10 min Santa Barbara Boardwalk Run [California]
10 min Santa Cruz Run [Argentina]
10 min St. Louis at Sunset Run [Missouri]
10 min Sydney Sunrise Run
10 min Tempe Run [Arizona]
10 min Valencia Run [Spain]
10 min Vienna Run [Austria]
10 min Vienna Street Art Run [Austria]

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