New Apparel Line by Jess Sims from Peloton

Peloton is getting ready to release a new iteration of its teacher attire line. The first installment in the Jess Sims and her distinctive Saturday 60 Tread Bootcamp series has been published. Peloton first dropped hints about the imminent release on their Instagram account.

The new clothing line became available on or around March 11th. Follow these links to visit the Peloton Apparel shop, where you can see a list of the goods they sell:

Take note that the vast majority of products and sizes were purchased within the first 15 minutes or so, and they are no longer available. However, there is currently talk of restocking the item.

In addition, the launch occurs at the same time as a unique event that will take place on Saturday at the Peloton NY studio with instructor Jess. The celebration during the occasion will almost certainly be in honor of the introduction of the new clothing line.

The Saturday 60 series is Jess’ bread and butter. On Saturdays, participants may attend Tread Bootcamp program that lasts for one hour and takes place. Through her Peloton collection, simple access is provided to each and every one of the courses.

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