Who Is Marco Koch

Marco Koch is a German competitive swimmer who focuses on the breaststroke swimming. Born on January 20 1990, Koch was mostly known for his brilliance during the 2015 World Championships.

He was trained under Alexander Kreisel, who came from the same city as him, Darmstadt. Kreisel was already known for his “unique” training methods, including the hypnosis technique. He himself believes that the technique will let him to solve the problems during the training.

Early Career

The first ever known record about Koch was during the 2008 when he “played” as a youth swimmer. After underwent various training, his time came from the actual competitive championships.

Koch participated in the 2008 European Youth Championships. During his first Championship event, Koch already won a gold medal after finishing first during the 200 meter breaststroke. He also got the silver for the 100 meter event, and bronze for the 50 meter category. He got the full-medal sweep.

In 2008, which is the same year, Koch also competed in the World Youth Championships, which held in Monterey. He got both the silvers for the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events.

International Career

With various medals he got, he steps from Youth to Senior Championships. His first event was the Short Course European Championships where he helped the team to gain the silver for the 4 x 50 mixed medley relay.

Who Is Marco Koch body

Four years later, Koch finally participated in his very first Olympic Team. Although he was qualified to participate in the 200 meter breaststroke, he failed to enter the final.


Sometimes later, Koch participated in the World Championships where the got the silver for winning the second position during the 200 meter breaststroke event. A year later, he got another silver for winning second during the 2014 Short Course Worlds.

2015 World Championships

2015 was his bright year. Joining the 2015 World Championships, Koch successfully got the third position for the 200 meter breaststroke, which made him into the finals.

He competed with Kevin Cordes, the American competitive swimmer star during the event, and his time was 2:07.06, which nearly broke the World Record.

2018 Short Course World Championships

In the 2018 Short Course World Championships held in Hangzhou, he successfully snatched a bronze medal for the 200 meter breaststroke by finishing third in 2:01.42.

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