New Peloton Taylor Swift Challenge: Swiftie

After the debut of the Taylor Swift featured artist series, Peloton has announced the beginning of a brand new competition. Today marks the beginning of the Swiftie Challenge, which will continue through January 7 of next year.

The insignia of Red, which has become synonymous with Taylor’s Version, is represented on the emblem by a scarlet scarf. In the primary photograph for each of the courses, a number of the teachers, including Robin Arzón and Anna Greenberg, may be seen wearing a red scarf.

New Peloton Taylor Swift Challenge Swiftie

Rides, runs, weight training, and yoga are just some of the options available to members out of a total of nine programs. Even a handful of the courses refer to the difficulty of the task.

In the past, Peloton has held challenges that were quite comparable to these after the publication of a major artist miniseries. After the release of the second installment of the Beyoncé featured artist program in October, they announced the Source Your Power Challenge as the next step in the series.

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