Sex and The City’s Big dying on a Peloton Bike is probably the best thing to happen to Peloton in 2021

Update 12/12/21 – Peloton responded to the situation by releasing a video in which they confirm that they knew the storyline right from the start.

Well, Mr. Big is dead. Sorry, spoiler alerts are too late! And “I couldn’t help being curious,” the now-bereaved Carrie Bradshaw asked, is Peloton involved in the game? Big died last night while pedaling vigorously on a Peloton bike. The firm denies any involvement in this plot twist. Although the stock price of the company did drop after the episode aired last night, this placement of product, whether intentional or not is likely to be a positive thing for the Peloton brand.

Note: He toke a cigar just before his Peloton ride. “Death wish sealed.”

Chris Noth’s beloved love-to-hate Mr. Big had a heart attack just moments into the first episode of And Just Like That…. He apparently suffered it after having completed his thousandth ride with Allegra, aka the real-life Jess King. Suzanne Steinbaum, Peloton’s cardiacologist, was on hand with official remarks to say that Peloton was not responsible for his death. You can blame the steaks, cigars, and cocktails.

Steinbaum stated that “I’m certain SATC fans, like me, are saddened to hear that Mr. Big has died from a heart attack,” Steinbaum stated in a statement to Los Angeles Times.”

Mr. Big led an extravagant lifestyle, which many would consider excessive. He drank a lot of cigars and ate a lot of steaks. His previous cardiac event in season 6 already put him at risk.

Note: He smoked a cigar just before his Peloton training. “Wish of Dying is sealed.”

Steinbaum says that “his likely cause of death was because his lifestyle choices, and possibly his family history which is often a significant factor. His Peloton Bike ride may have helped delay his heart attack.”

Do you find this all a bit silly?

Peloton claims that HBO contacted them prior to the show and that King was contacted separately. However, the company has no knowledge or involvement in the outcome of the story. Peloton spokesperson Denise Kelly stated that HBO had not disclosed the context of the scene to Peloton because of confidentiality.

However, was King aware of Big’s death at the time she signed up for the cameo? She has not made any statements other than posting the series premiere on social media.

Peloton stock took a small dip after the premiere. However, the stock has been volatile during this rollercoaster year. With gyms opening up again and brand appeal facing ups and downs, the chances of permanent damage are slim. This is likely media hype, but nothing like Peloton’s 2019 Holidays ad. As Bloomberg stated, Peloton’s loss of control over its storytelling is the best thing that could have happened to the brand in 2019.

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