New Rock 22 Series Challenge with Famous Rock Artists Is Out

Rock 22 is a new series and challenge that Peloton has unveiled. The series will include iconic rock performers, and there will be more than 100 more courses in the future.

The Rock 22 Collection will include music by Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Fall Out Boy, Korn, Lenny Kravitz, System of a Down, Weezer, Paramore, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among other bands.

During the three-week challenge, over one hundred new lessons will be introduced to the Rock 22 Collection. There will be rock classes that highlight numerous performers, in addition to special artist series that will be offered in the classes.

New Rock 22 Series Challenge with Famous Rock Artists Is Out

In parallel to the series, there’s also a flash challenge that is now taking place that you may participate in using the Peloton app, browser, or your device.

  • Go to the Challenges page, then scroll down until you reach the bottom of the list of “upcoming challenges.”
  • Click the button that says “Join,” and then go to work on earning that badge. It would seem that to obtain the badge, you need to participate in a session from the Rock 22 collection daily.

Peloton hosts flash challenges on a regular basis throughout the year to motivate its members to participate in a certain series of courses. The Rock 22 Challenge, on the other hand, ups the ante by mandating that participants keep up their winning streak for an additional 22 days.

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