“Peak Your Power Zones” Peloton Training Program

Today at the Peloton Homecoming Keynote, Matt Wilpers unveiled an exciting addition to their lineup: the “Peak Your Power Zones” program. It’s the third official power zone training program available on Peloton’s platform. If you’re just starting with power zone training, you can check out the first program, “Discover Your Power Zones,” or its sequel, “Build Your Power Zones.” The new “Peak Your Power Zones” program is crafted as a natural progression after completing the first two.

In this 8-week program, you’ll have three active days every week, and all five of our power zone instructors are on board with their classes.

Here are all the details for the fresh “Peak Your Power Zones” program, along with the weekly class schedule. You can easily add them to your list if you’d like to participate, but please note that they won’t count towards completing the program officially.

Program Overview

Program Description

Here’s Peloton’s official description for “Peak Your Power Zones”:

“Welcome to the exciting journey of ‘Peak Your Power Zones,’ an advanced program crafted to boost your FTP over 8 weeks. Before you kick off, ensure you’ve got the Power Bar installed on your touchscreen and have completed the Peloton FTP Test. Ready to go?”

Program Badges

Of course, a Peloton program wouldn’t be complete without some well-deserved badges! You’ll earn a Bronze badge when you finish 13 classes, a Silver badge for completing 19 classes, and the prestigious Gold badge awaits you after successfully completing 23 out of the total 25 classes.


The “Peak Your Power Zones” program is in good hands with its team of five dedicated coaches:

How to Join

As of the time this information was shared, you have several options to hop into the programs on Peloton, whether you’re on a Peloton Bike, Tread, using the Peloton Digital app, or visiting the Peloton website. Just head over to the programs section, locate the “Peak Your Power Zones” program, and hit that join button. You can easily find it right here on the website.

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a rundown of the weekly classes that are part of the program. Keep in mind that as Peloton has revamped their programs, these classes are initially “locked” and will only unlock as you make progress in the program. Nevertheless, you can still find any class on the list below, and once you do, you have the option to bookmark or add it to your schedule and take it whenever you like.

If you encounter a class that appears as “unavailable” when you’re on your laptop, try viewing the link from your phone or opening it in the app; this usually allows you to add it to your schedule from there.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to the kickoff of Week 1, the start of our first 3-week journey! As we move forward, each week will bring a little more intensity, making our training experience even more exciting. Let’s dive in and tackle it together!

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

Hooray, you’ve made it to Week 2! Now, we’re kicking it up a notch by adding some Zone 4 efforts to our weekly training routine. You’re on the right track – keep up the great work!

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

Hello, Week 3! We’re taking things up a notch in our weekly training with the introduction of Zone 5 efforts. Enjoy this final week of our initial push before we ease up a bit. Keep up the hard work and give it your all!

4th Week Class List & Schedule

Congratulations on reaching your well-deserved recovery week! Resist the temptation to push yourself too hard during this time. It’s a chance to unwind and savor the break!

5th Week Class List & Schedule

Hello, Week 5! We’re diving into the first leg of our second 3-week build. Just like before, each week will bring more challenges, building up to our final taper as we approach the FTP Test in Week 8. Stay motivated!

6th Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to Week 6! We’re cranking up the intensity by introducing Zone 6 efforts. Your dedication is paying off – keep up the fantastic work!

7th Week Class List & Schedule

Congratulations on making it to Week 7, our most demanding challenge yet. This week’s workouts are all about honing in on your threshold power and boosting your overall FTP, with a specific focus on training in zones 4 through 7. Keep pushing yourself – you’re doing great!

8th Week Class List & Schedule

Hello, Week 8, our grand finale! Now, it’s all about active recovery as you get ready for the FTP test. Give it your all and crush that test!

If you’re interested in discovering more about the various training programs offered by Peloton, you can visit our webpage for a comprehensive list.

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