Peloton 2023 New Year’s Commercial

A brand new advertisement for the 2023 New Year’s celebration has been distributed by Peloton. It’s Not What You Think is the name of the commercial that runs for thirty seconds. Peloton has uploaded the whole advertisement to its official YouTube channel, where it can be seen.

About the Ad 

“92% of households who begin off the year with Peloton remain active a year later,” is the message. That is a really impressive level of customer retention.

In the advertisement, two members are seen working out on the Bike and the Tread in the comfort of their own homes with the help of their instructors, Ally Love and Olivia Amato. The advertisement addresses a handful of popular misconceptions about Peloton, including the idea that your bike would wind up being utilized as a clothing rack or that it is nothing more than a passing trend.

The last line of the advertisement is, “92% stay with it. So can you.”

Just in time for the New Year’s celebration in 2023, the advertisement is already showing on television in the United States. At this time of year, many individuals are focused on fitness and are attempting to live better lifestyles. Additionally, Peloton is having a holiday offer in celebration of the New Year on the Bike &  plus, Tread, and Guide packages.

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