Peloton Meet and Greet Events in Germany

This week, Peloton will be holding three meet-and-greet events all around the country of Germany. At 29th December, this meeting will take place in three separate showrooms simultaneously.

Cliff Dwenger will be present at the store in Hamburg, Tobias Heinze will attend the showroom in Munich, and Charlotte weidenbach will be present at the store in Stuttgart. At 2:00 p.m. local time, there will also be an outdoor run along with Tobias as part of the Munich event. During the week, each coach dropped hints about the upcoming activities on their own social media pages.

Peloton Meet and Greet Events in Germany

Attendance at the events is completely free of charge; however, interested individuals must RSVP in advance via the Hopin website.

Contest for London Studio Visit

There is a competition where participants may try to win a trip for two to London to attend a live lesson at Peloton Studios at London. On the day of the event, visitors are required to participate in a 5-minute Lanebreak ride within that store in order to be eligible for the prize drawing. After that, a raffle will be held for individuals who participated in the ride at the retail establishment that had the greatest average production. The person who comes out on top in the lottery will be awarded the reward of going to London as well as taking a session at PSL. And those who are interested in participating in the competition are strongly encouraged to bring personal bicycle shoes if they have them, however, doing so is not compulsory.

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