Peloton Has Announced New Partnerships with German and Australian Banks

Peloton has formed strategic alliances with financial institutions in Germany and Australia to make its goods more accessible to customers at reduced prices.

First, Peloton recently started a new relationship with Hamburger Sparkasse in Germany. Through this agreement, Sparkasse will provide account users with a discount of €250 on Peloton devices and accessory packages. The promotion is valid from the 19th of January to the 28th of February in 2023. This promotion is restricted to members who are currently logged in to their Hamburger Sparkasse accounts. Those who are interested are prompted to sign in to their Hamburger Sparkasse account and then choose the Peloton offer from the available options. Then, when you go to check out, you will be given a unique coupon code to use. If you use this coupon at checkout on the Peloton website, you’ll get a discount of €250.

Second, Peloton additionally announced a new relationship with American Express in Australia, and as part of this arrangement, Peloton will give customers of American Express 15% money back, up to a maximum of $450. This applies when they make a single Peloton transaction of $2,000 or more. The Amex offer may be redeemed starting on January 19 and will continue to be valid through February 16 of the following year. Before completing what they bought, Amex members who are interested in enrolling may do so using the “My Offers” area of the American Express app or through the American Express online app. Following the completion of the transaction, the appropriate cash-back sum will be sent by Amex within three to five business days.

Important Reminders:

  • Peloton suggests that cardholders get in touch with American Express to find out whether they are qualified for this promotion or not. Take note that to take advantage of this promotion, the whole transaction must be completed using an American Express card. Therefore, it does not apply to any orders that were made using finance in any capacity.
  • You may still be eligible to take part in the offer even if you are a member of the Australian community who has only recently bought a gadget but has not yet received it. Peloton suggests that you get in touch with their Support staff through chat if you need to modify, replace, or cancel your purchase.
  • If you have already gotten your Bike or Bike Plus, you may contact Amex to find out whether or not they would honor the offer given the particulars of your situation.

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